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Another American institution – Grambling State University, has been representing its sports division, Grambling State Tigers, since 1956, whose logo changed in 1997. The latest version of the emblem is a succinct demonstration of moving forward, following modern trends.

Grambling State Tigers: Brand overview

Grambling, Louisiana, U.S.
The sports teams of Grambling State University, called Grambling State Tigers, compete in NCAA Division I and are part of the Southwestern Athletic Conference. The athletics department sponsors sports such as volleyball, bowling, tennis, soccer, golf, softball, track and field, baseball, basketball, and American football. The primary colors of the university are black and gold, complemented by red, symbolizing the blood of African Americans. The official mascot is a tiger. The word Tigers is used as a nickname, though male athletes are often referred to as G-Men.

Meaning and History

Grambling State Tigers Logo History

1956-1964 – an era of the cartoonish emblem with a drawn tiger. It occupied a place of honor as the main symbol of the institution. It was an anthropomorphic image: the animal, dressed in a black sweater with the letter “G,” stood on its hind legs, holding an orange flag with the inscription “Grambling” in its forepaws. In 1965, the logo developers decided to remove the traditional mascot. They replaced it with a large black letter “G” in a yellow ellipse. The current version was used up to and including 1996.

The logo redesign in 1997 brought minor changes that only touched on design details. The colors became more saturated, and a wide black outline appeared around the geometric figure. Notably, this version is almost an exact copy of the Georgia Bulldogs logo.

What is Grambling State Tigers?

Grambling State Tigers is a participant in the intercollegiate program, representing Grambling State University in the NCAA. The sports department is located in Louisiana and is part of the Southwestern Athletic Conference. The football team competes in I-FCS. There are a total of 13 student teams.

1956 – 1964

Grambling State Tigers Logo 1956-1964

1965 – 1996

Grambling State Tigers Logo 1965-1996

1997 – today

Grambling State Tigers Logo 1997-Present

Grambling State Tigers Basketball

Grambling State Tigers emblem

In 1961, the men’s team became the first and only in the state to take first place in the NAIA national basketball championship. Later, the team made it to the NAIA “Final Four” and played in the postseason tournament. The women’s team has six matches in the NCAA Division I tournament to its credit.

Grambling State Tigers Baseball

Grambling State Tigers symbol

The Grambling State University baseball team was established in 1936. It is currently coached by James Cooper. Home games are held at Ralph Waldo Emerson Jones Park and Wilbert Ellis Field.

Grambling State Tigers: Interesting Facts

The Grambling State Tigers are a sports team from Grambling State University in Louisiana. They play in Division I and are part of a group of schools known as historically black colleges and universities. They’re known for being good at sports and have a long history.

  1. Eddie Robinson’s Legacy: Eddie Robinson was a football coach for the Tigers for 56 years, from 1941 to 1997. He helped his team win over 400 games, showing he was a great coach and greatly impacted his players’ lives.
  2. The Tiger Marching Band: Known as “The World Famed Tiger Marching Band,” this band is famous for its amazing performances. They’ve played at Super Bowls and even presidential events, making the university proud.
  3. NFL Stars: Many players from Grambling State have played in the NFL. For example, Doug Williams was the first African American quarterback to win a Super Bowl, and Willie Brown is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  4. Big Rivalry Game: The Tigers play against Southern University in the Bayou Classic yearly. It’s a huge game celebrating the culture of historically black colleges and universities, complete with band performances.
  5. Winning Tradition: The Tigers have won many championships in football, basketball, and other sports, showing their commitment to being the best.
  6. Pioneers in Sports: Besides Eddie Robinson, Doug Williams broke barriers as an NFL quarterback.
  7. Women’s Success: The university’s women’s teams, including basketball and volleyball, have also won many conference championships, showing the school’s overall excellence in sports.
  8. Helping the Community: The Tigers do much community work, showing they’re about more than just sports.
  9. Cultural Impact: Grambling State’s success in sports has helped highlight the importance and quality of historically black colleges and universities in the U.S.

In short, the Grambling State Tigers are not just good at sports; they stand for much more, including history, culture, and community. They’re a big part of their university’s pride.

Font and Colors

Grambling State Tigers color codes

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