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Grand Canyon Airlines: Brand overview

Originating in 1927, Grand Canyon Airlines is one of America’s longest-running airlines. It all started with the idea of offering tourists a flight in a small, single-engine airplane over the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

As demand for travel services grew, the airline began to expand, introducing larger airplanes and helicopters. The expansion was not limited to the Grand Canyon, and the airline began flying over amazing places like Monument Valley and Lake Powell, as well as other famous western attractions.

Today, Grand Canyon Airlines has maintained an impeccable safety record for nearly a century, providing air travel over the Grand Canyon for millions of passengers. The airline currently transports more than 300,000 passengers on air tours each year, flying from bases in Arizona and Las Vegas.

The airline remains family-owned and operated and is headquartered at Grand Canyon National Park Airport in Tusayan, Arizona. Its diverse fleet consists of Cessna, de Havilland, and Bell helicopters.

As an FAA-certified air carrier, Grand Canyon Airlines, equipped with a state-of-the-art fleet, provides the highest standards of safety for scenic air travel. The airline’s enduring heritage and commitment to excellence embodies the spirit of American aviation history.

Meaning and History

Grand Canyon Airlines Logo History

1927 – today

Grand Canyon Airlines Logo

The logo of Grand Canyon Airlines depicts a Thunderbird. The bird’s body and wings are formed by elongated rectangles of different lengths. Because of the specific shape and color, the bird appears to be a poncho. The head resembles a red sun with triangular black rays, and the tail is a brown polygon. The image of the thunderbird dates back to Native American legends who believed in the existence of a winged creature that brought thunder and lightning. The company name is written in two different fonts and separated by a thin line. The first letter “G” and the last “N” in the word “GRAND CANYON” are enlarged.

The choice of “Thunderbird” gives a mythical connotation and connects to natural wonders that the airline is likely to visit, such as the Grand Canyon. The variety of fonts and unique design elements, such as the enlarged first letter “G” and the last “N,” give the logo a special expressiveness aimed at attracting the viewer’s attention.