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With its bold and impactful design, the Grenade logo represents the brand’s dedication to sports nutrition and fitness products. Established in the UK in 2010, Grenade set out to transform the protein and energy bar industry by creating products that cater to athletes’ nutritional needs while appealing to those pursuing healthy lifestyles. The logo symbolizes strength, endurance, and explosive energy, aligning with the company’s mission to support active lives through high-quality, high-performance supplements and snacks. This emblem reflects the brand’s focus on energizing and empowering consumers to overcome fitness challenges.

Grenade: Brand overview

In 2010, Alan and Juliet Barron, who loved fitness, saw the market missing good sports nutrition products that tasted great. So, they started Grenade and brought out their first product, Thermo Detonator, a fat burner made from natural ingredients. Its success and the unique grenade-shaped packaging helped it stand out.

Following the success of Thermo Detonator, Grenade introduced more products. In 2012, they came up with Hydra 6, the first protein gel in the world, offering a new way for athletes to get their protein. They kept creating new items, including Carb Killa, a low-carb protein bar, and Defend BCAA, a branched-chain amino acid supplement.

By 2015, you could find Grenade products in big supermarkets like Tesco and Asda. The brand also started selling in the USA, Australia, and the Middle East. Its fresh approach and strong branding helped it make a mark in these tough markets.

Grenade has stayed at the top of sports nutrition by launching products like Carb Killa Spread, a protein chocolate-nut spread, and Clear Whey Isolate, a dairy-free clear whey protein. The company works closely with fitness influencers and sponsors big events like the Bodypower Expo and the Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend.

Grenade is a top sports nutrition brand worldwide, with over £40 million in sales. Its products are loved by athletes, fitness fans, and active people and are sold in over 80 countries.

Meaning and History

Grenade Logo History

What is Grenade?

Grenade specializes in energy drinks, and bars boost physical and mental performance during workouts or busy days. The company offers a variety of flavors and energy levels to meet different preferences and needs. Popular with athletes and active people, Grenade’s products help enhance performance and endurance. They provide a quick and effective way to maintain energy throughout demanding activities.

2009 – today

Grenade Logo

Since its founding in 2009, Grenade has featured a grenade in its logo, making it distinctive in the energy product market. The grenade symbolizes the explosive flavor and powerful energy boost that Grenade’s products provide. This image effectively conveys energy and strength, underscoring the brand’s unique appeal.

The logo’s military weapon imagery represents power and determination, reflecting Grenade’s mission to energize people to meet their personal goals. This includes improving fitness, sustaining daily activity, or enhancing sports performance. The brand’s initial fat-burning products, which create an explosive effect, inspired the grenade motif, highlighting the potency and effectiveness of their offerings.

The logo’s dominant orange color was chosen to evoke warmth and positivity, which is associated with support and cheerfulness. Orange represents vigor and energy, qualities that Grenade’s energy drinks and protein bars are designed to instill. This color is meant to inspire and motivate, capturing the essence of the feelings Grenade products aim to invoke.

The worn style of the letters in the logo adds dynamism and reflects an active lifestyle, aligning with the brand’s philosophy of continuous improvement and relentless pursuit of perfection.

Font and Colors

The “Grenade” logo features a stencil-style font reminiscent of Arston Stencil AI, giving it a striking and modern look. This font choice reflects the brand’s resilience and dynamism. Each letter is carefully crafted to emphasize the energy and activity for which the brand is known.

The uniform size of the letters simplifies reading and ensures the logo is recognizable from a distance. The stencil font style, traditionally associated with military and industrial aesthetics, highlights the brand’s rugged and energetic character.

The letters are bold, sans-serif, and thick. The letter “A” is notably replaced with an image of a grenade, serving as a visual highlight and enhancing brand recall.

The logo’s color palette includes a bright orange that stands out and catches the eye. This color symbolizes excitement and vitality, perfectly matching the brand’s image, known for its intensity and strength.

Using one font size throughout the logo creates a sense of cleanliness and unity in the design. Even spacing between the letters contributes to visual balance and harmony. The prominent design and vibrant color scheme convey the brand’s character and improve its recognizability.


Is Grenade still in business?

Grenade is doing great, reaching customers in over 80 countries. Their success in sports nutrition and healthy snacks is clear from their awards and a wide range of products that focus on being innovative and high-quality.

Their Carb Killa® protein bars are known for being tasty, nutritious, and convenient. They are part of Grenade’s varied offerings, which include everything from pre-workout supplements to protein shakes. These products help people meet their fitness goals. Grenade’s and new market growth show its leading role in sports nutrition.

What is Grenade food?

Grenade’s Carb Killa® bars, rich in protein, have been a hit since 2016. They taste great and are perfect for people into fitness, sports, or anyone looking for a healthy snack. These protein bars are loved in the UK, North America, and Asia Pacific. This love has helped Grenade become a top brand in the high-protein snack market. Their commitment to tasty, healthy products has attracted customers worldwide, helping them grow in a tough market.

Where are Grenade bars manufactured?

Grenade is a popular snack company located in the West Midlands, UK. It is famous for its Carb Killa® protein bars, which are the top choice in the country. Its factory makes about 1 million bars every week in 11 different flavors. Grenade offers everything from traditional chocolate to unique flavors. It shows its skill and popularity in making healthy snack options for people who enjoy fitness, sports and anyone wanting a better snack.

Who owns Grenade?

In 2021, Mondelez International, the company behind famous brands like Cadbury, Oreo, and Ritz, acquired Grenade for £200 million. Grenade is known for its sports nutrition products and healthy snacks, including the well-liked Carb Killa® protein bars. The brand is in 80 countries, each with its own tastes and rules. This acquisition signals that big food and beverage companies are moving into the sports nutrition and healthy snacks sector to meet the growing demand for fitness and health products.

How long do Grenade shakes last?

Grenade shakes come in packages weighing 3.02 kilograms and holding 2640 milliliters. Store them in a dry place at room temperature until they’re ready to be used. This is convenient at home, work, or on the go. After opening a shake, you must put it in the fridge and drink it within 12 hours to keep it fresh and safe. Remember, store Grenade shakes at room temperature before opening them and refrigerate them afterward. Enjoy them within 12 hours for the best experience. This ensures you can enjoy these delicious, high-quality shakes anytime.

Is A Grenade Vegetarian?

Grenade makes many different products, but not all of them are okay for vegetarians. Many of their popular carb killa bars have gelatine from cattle. Gelatine comes from animal parts and helps food set, but it’s not okay for vegetarians. Grenade does have a vegetarian-friendly option, their Dark Chocolate Raspberry Carb Killa Bar, which doesn’t have gelatine. This shows Grenade’s effort to meet different eating needs.

If you’re a vegetarian and looking at Grenade’s products, it’s important to read the ingredients list. The Dark Chocolate Raspberry bar is safe for vegetarians, but other products might have gelatine. Grenade might add vegetarian options to their lineup as people’s eating habits change.

Are Grenade bars healthy?

Grenade Carb Killa protein bars are healthier than regular chocolate bars. They contain a lot of protein, which helps muscles grow and repair and keeps you feeling full, aiding in weight management. These bars are fiber-rich, which is important for digestive health and making you feel full. They contain less sugar and fat, reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes. While these protein bars have a calorie count similar to traditional chocolate bars, eating them moderately is wise when watching your calorie intake.

Can kids eat Grenade bars?

Grenade bars are not suitable for children under 14 because they can lead to a laxative effect when consumed in large amounts. These bars are designed for adults and contain high amounts of protein and fiber, which may not be suitable for children’s more sensitive digestive systems. The ingredients, while beneficial for adults, especially those focused on fitness or seeking nutritious snacks, may not align with the dietary needs of growing children. The high fiber, protein, and sugar alcohols in these bars could cause stomach upset or other problems for kids. When considering protein bars or snacks for children, choosing products specifically designed for them is recommended. Consulting with a doctor or dietitian is also advised to ensure the chosen options are appropriate for a child’s health and development.