Group Renault changes to name and logo in honor of new corporate goal

Renault Group Logo

The company is in the process of transformation, which even affects visual changes.

As you know, many world-famous brands belong to Group Renault: Renault, Lada, Alpine, Dacia, and Mobilize. Now the company’s name sounds like Renault Group and denotes changes in the company, including a new corporate goal.

Renault Group New Logo

The company understands that dynamism and the ability to solve social problems are very important in the modern world. Businesses are gradually evolving from ordinary manufacturers to real helpers who will help you deal with important issues. It is important to share the right values ​​that align with the corporate strategy and purpose.

The very purpose of the Renault Group conveys the essence that the company, through its innovative spirit, develops mobility to bring people closer together and cares about progress, in which there is respect for all. Throughout 2021, the new style will gradually appear on all media, both digital and physical.

Renault Group New and Old Logo

The logo appeared in mid-March, and even though the names are written in English, Renault Group will not forget about its French heritage and adequately convey it through the new design. The font used for the lettering is Renault-Bold, another part of the group’s corporate typography. Additionally, the designers have created a monogram for social networks – it resembles a beating heart.