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Hampton Pirates Logo

Hampton Pirates Logo
Hampton Pirates Logo PNG

The Hampton University sports program includes seven Hampton Pirates men’s teams and nine Lady Pirates women’s teams. From 1995 to 2018, teams competed in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference at Division I NCAA level. Then almost everyone moved to the Big South Conference, except for the Lacrosse and Sailing teams. The official colors of the department are blue-violet (the so-called Reflex Blue, # 002395) and white. They are also used in the 2007 logo.

Meaning and History

Hampton Pirates Logo History
Evolution of the Hampton Pirates Logo

One of the first Hampton Pirates emblems is more like a sketch than a full-fledged brand name.  This is a primitive drawing done in black lines on a white background. In the center is the head of a pirate. A sea robber with a blindfold on his eye holds a short blade in his teeth. Below – the standard inscription “Pirates.” All elements are taken in an uneven round frame.

The black and white logo, used from 1979 to 1996, was replaced by a color emblem. Her style is reminiscent of animated: the pirate looks like a classic Disney character. In 2002, the design acquired modern features. In the background is a formidable corsair. The foreground is the inscription “Hampton Pirates.” The palette is dominated by shades of blue, white, cyan, and golden. In 2007, the color scheme was simplified, leaving blue and white.

1979 – 1996

Hampton Pirates Logo 1979-1996

1997 – 2001

Hampton Pirates Logo 1997-2001

2002 – 2006

Hampton Pirates Logo 2002-2006

2007 – present

Hampton Pirates Logo 2007-Present

Hampton Pirates Baseball

Hampton Pirates emblem

The male team participated in six NCAA Division I Tournaments, and the female team in nine NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Tournaments. Home competitions are held at the Hampton Convocation Center. In addition to the main emblem, basketball players use an additional: a monogram of white-blue letters “H” and “U.”

Hampton Pirates Football

Hampton Pirates symbol

The football team played their first season in 1902. In 2019, she joined the Big South Conference, before spending almost a year outside of conferences. Seven times competed in the Black College Football National Championship.