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The Hampton Pirates logo is the best way to visualize your name. Therefore, it features a formidable sea pirate, ready to attack any passing ship at any moment. It symbolizes the pursuit of victory, and the long, sharp blade in his hand warns future opponents.

Hampton Pirates: Brand overview

Hampton, Virginia, U.S
The University of Hampton’s sports program includes seven men’s Hampton Pirates teams and nine women’s Lady Pirates teams. From 1995 to 2018, the teams competed in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference at the NCAA Division I level. Then, almost all moved to the Big South Conference, except for the lacrosse and sailing teams. The official faculty colors are reflex blue (#002395) and white. They are also used in the 2007 logo.

Meaning and History

Hampton Pirates Logo History

One of the first emblems of Hampton Pirates looks more like a sketch than a full-fledged brand name. It’s a primitive drawing made with black lines on a white background. In the center is the head of a pirate. The sea robber with an eye patch holds a short blade in his teeth. Below is the standard inscription “Pirates.” All elements are placed within an uneven circular frame.

The black and white logo, used from 1979 to 1996, was replaced with a color emblem. Its style resembles animation: the pirate looks like a classic Disney character. In 2002, the design acquired modern features. The background features a formidable corsair. In the foreground is the inscription “Hampton Pirates.” The palette is dominated by shades of blue, white, light blue, and gold. In 2007, the color scheme was simplified to blue and white.

What is Hampton Pirates?

Hampton Pirates is a participant in the intercollegiate program, representing Hampton University in NCAA Division I (FCS). The sports department consists of 19 student teams, located in Hampton, Virginia, and is part of the Colonial Athletic Association.

1979 – 1996

Hampton Pirates Logo 1979-1996

1997 – 2001

Hampton Pirates Logo 1997-2001

2002 – 2006

Hampton Pirates Logo 2002-2006

2007 – today

Hampton Pirates Logo 2007-Present

Hampton Pirates Baseball

Hampton Pirates emblem

The men’s team participated in six NCAA Division I tournaments, and the women’s team participated in nine NCAA Division I women’s basketball tournaments. Home competitions are held at the Hampton Convocation Center. In addition to the main emblem, the basketball players use an additional monogram of white and light blue letters “H” and “U.”

Hampton Pirates Football

Hampton Pirates symbol

The football team played its first season in 1902. In 2019, it joined the Big South Conference, after which it spent nearly a year outside the conferences. It has participated seven times in the National Championship among black colleges.

Hampton Pirates: Interesting Facts

The Hampton Pirates are the sports teams for Hampton University in Virginia. They play in Division I, mostly in the Big South Conference.

  1. Big Move: In 2018, Hampton moved from the MEAC to the Big South Conference, the first historically Black college to join the Big South. This was a big deal in college sports.
  2. Many Sports: They have teams in many sports, such as football, basketball, track and field, and even sailing, showing that they care about giving students many ways to play and compete.
  3. Track and Field Stars: The track and field teams are good, with some athletes winning national championships. This shows Hampton is great at helping athletes reach their best.
  4. Winning Women’s Basketball: The women’s basketball team has won many games and championships and has advanced to the national tournament several times.
  5. Men’s Basketball Upset: One of their biggest moments was in 2001 when their men’s basketball team beat a much higher-ranked team in the national tournament. It was a huge surprise and a big win for Hampton.
  6. Famous Athletes: Some former students have become pro athletes or Olympic medalists, like basketball player Rick Mahorn and runner Francena McCorory.
  7. Sailing Team: Not many Black colleges have sailing teams, but Hampton does, showing they’re unique in what they offer to athletes.
  8. Smart Students: Hampton ensures its athletes do well in class, not just in sports. They have high graduation rates for their athletes.
  9. Pirate Pride: Their mascot is a pirate, which brings a lot of fun and school spirit to their games. People support their teams.
  10. Better Places to Play: The stadiums and arenas have been upgraded to be nice for athletes and fans.

The Hampton Pirates stand out for their history, success in many sports, and commitment to ensuring their athletes are good students. They’re a big part of Division I college sports.

Font and Colors

Hampton Pirates color codes

Cyan Cobalt BlueHex color:#265198
RGB:38 81 152
CMYK:75 47 0 40
Pantone:PMS 7686 C