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The outstanding sports teams of Harvard University perform under a stylish and majestic emblem of a heraldic type. The Harvard Crimson logo is a simple and clear reflection of fame, close connection with the region’s history, and pride in past achievements.

Harvard Crimson: Brand overview

Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Harvard Crimson is the collective name for forty-two teams representing Harvard University in intercollegiate competitions. Their number is record-breaking: no other educational institution in NCAA Division I has as many teams. The university’s sports program is part of the Ivy League conference, meaning players do not receive athletic scholarships.

Meaning and History

Harvard Crimson Logo History

From a visual identification perspective, Harvard Crimson is stable: its logo has remained unchanged since 1956. The logo was so successful that the designers decided not to make any updates to the original version. The brand style is based on a red triangular heraldic shield surrounded by three thin outlines. The colors of the lines alternate: two black – on the edges, one white – in between.

Inside the shield is a large letter “H.” Its font belongs to the class of antiquities, with large rectangular serifs. The logo is characterized by longitudinal symmetry: the right side mirrors the left and vice versa. Perhaps it is this harmony that the designers liked so much that they decided not to change anything.

What is Harvard Crimson?

Harvard Crimson consists of 42 student teams participating in the intercollegiate program and representing Harvard College in Boston, Massachusetts. They participate in NCAA Division I and are part of numerous sports organizations: Ivy League, EIWA (wrestling), CSA (squash), CWPA (women’s water polo), ECAC Hockey, EISA (skiing), NWPC (men’s water polo), and NEISA (sailing).

Harvard Crimson Basketball

Harvard Crimson emblem

In 1946, the men’s basketball team first participated in four major intercollegiate competitions:

  • The NCAA tournament
  • The NCAA Round of 32
  • The NCAA Sweet Sixteen
  • The NCAA Elite Eight tournaments

Since 2011, it has regularly participated in the regular season conference championships. The women’s team debuted in the CRSC in 1986 and in the NCAA tournament in 1996.

Harvard Crimson Football

Harvard Crimson symbol

The Harvard Crimson football program originated in 1873. From 1874 to 1920, the players won twelve national championships. After that, they took first place in seventeen conference championships conducted within the Ivy League.

Harvard Crimson: Interesting Facts

The Harvard Crimson are the sports team for Harvard University, one of the oldest schools in the U.S. They play in the Ivy League and have a long history in college sports.

  1. Very Old: Harvard has the oldest sports program in the U.S., starting in the early 1800s. They’ve done a lot in college sports since then.
  2. Big Rivalry: Harvard and Yale have a huge rivalry in football. Their yearly game, “The Game,” started in 1875 and is a big deal, with many fans coming to watch.
  3. Lots of Sports: Harvard has 42 sports teams, which is a lot. This means students can play all kinds of sports.
  4. Great at Rowing: Harvard’s rowing teams are super good. They’ve been rowing against Yale since before football games started and have even competed in races in England.
  5. Smart Athletes: At Harvard, being good in class is just as important as being good in sports. Lots of their athletes are also great students.
  6. Sport Innovations: Harvard started the first rowing club and American football team. They’ve helped shape how we play these sports today.
  7. Olympians: Many Harvard athletes have gone to the Olympics to compete in rowing, swimming, and fencing, and they’ve won medals.
  8. Old Places to Play: Harvard’s sports venues are old and famous. For example, its football stadium, built in 1903, is a National historical landmark.
  9. Women’s Sports: Harvard supports women’s sports. Their strong women’s rowing team shows that they care about giving women equal sports opportunities.

The Harvard Crimson is known for being excellent in sports and school, making them stand out in college athletics.

Font and Colors

Harvard Crimson color codes

Vivid BurgundyHex color:#a41034
RGB:164 16 52
CMYK:0 90 68 36
Pantone:PMS 200 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
Trolley GrayHex color:#808285
RGB:128 130 133
CMYK:4 2 0 48
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 8 C
Medium GrayHex color:#b6b6b6
RGB:128 130 133
CMYK:4 2 0 48
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 4 C