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Hawaii Warriors Logo

Hawaii Warriors Logo
Hawaii Warriors Logo PNG

The University of Hawaii at Manoa sponsors a sports program that participates in the NCAA Division I. It is part of the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, Mountain West Conference and the Big West Conference for various sports. The first football team appeared in 1909. A little later, everyone else joined it. In 1923, the team received the nickname Rainbows, and in 1974 โ€“ Warriors. This is a reference to the warriors who united the Hawaiian Islands. Womenโ€™s teams have been officially known as Rainbow Wahine since 1972, and menโ€™s teams have been called Rainbow Warriors since 2013.

Meaning and History

Hawaii Warriors Logo History
Evolution of the Hawaii Warriors Logo

The 1982 logo was not without one of the main symbols of Hawaii Warriors โ€“ a colorful rainbow. According to legend, she appeared next to the stadium during the final match of 1923. Since then, there have been rumors that athletes at the University of Hawaii at Manoa cannot lose when a rainbow appears in the sky. But the artists did not depict it completely but limited themselves to only four colors: red, yellow, green, and blue. Also, they supplemented the composition with the letters โ€œUโ€ and โ€œH.โ€

The bright emblem existed until 1997. In 1998, it was replaced by a brutal brand name with the letter โ€œH,โ€ in which the outer sides have sharp notches. The motifs of the traditional totem pole are traced in the figure. The palette is restrained: green, white, black, and blue. The last two colors are used for contours, and the first two are used as primary.

1982 – 1997

Hawaii Warriors Logo 1982-1997

1998 – present

Hawaii Warriors Logo 1998-Present

Hawaii Warriors Basketball

Hawaii Warriors emblem

Rainbow Warriors in 1949 participated in the NAIA Tournament. After that, they appeared in eight NIT and five NCAA Tournaments. The womenโ€™s team also visited five NCAA Tournaments โ€“ the last time this happened in 2016.

Hawaii Warriors Baseball

Hawaii Warriors symbol

The university acquired a baseball program in 1923. In 1980, athletes competed in the College World Series and took second place. Mike Trapasso is currently training athletes.