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The beauty and love for Hawaii are visible in the Hawaiian Airlines logo. Long-distance flights can take the traveler to unknown countries, but the heart will always call back. The emblem is filled with greatness, romance, and calls for distant horizons.

Hawaiian Airlines: Brand overview

Founded:January 30, 1929
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States
Hawaiian Airlines is the oldest American airline and has not suffered a fatal accident or loss of aircraft. He has the least problems with baggage, ticket refunds, and cancellation of flights. Moreover, the company is the largest in Hawaii and is part of the structure of Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. Hawaiian Airlines has several of its bases – at the airports of Honolulu, Los Angeles, Maui, and Oahu, and also closes the top ten largest commercial airlines in the United States. The aircraft fly to the mainland United States, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Samoa, Tahiti, Australia, Japan, and Asia. In total, the company has 32 directions.

Meaning and History

Hawaiian Airlines Logo History

The current carrier’s predecessor is Inter-Island Airways, a subsidiary of the Inter-Island Steam Navigation Company. She was registered in January 1929, and in October, she began survey flights. Passenger service began in November of the same year, for which a Sikorsky S-38 aircraft was used on the Honolulu-Hilo flight with transit landings in Molokai and Maui.

The organization received its current name in 1941 when it replaced the old ships with more advanced ones. The renewal of the air fleet required a rebranding for the emblem to take its place on the Douglas DC-3. Modern air transport was commissioned in 1952. It was the Convair 340. In the late 50s, older models appeared. In 1966, passengers began to be transported on a Douglas DC-9-10 jet aircraft, which halved the route time.

Simultaneously with the air fleet, the emblems also changed: they became more progressive, colorful, and accurate. The last update took place in early May 2017. Then, together with the logo, the company presented a new aircraft livery. Throughout the history of Hawaiian Airlines, it has had ten individual symbols.

What is Hawaiian Airlines?

It is the oldest airline in the United States and has never had a fatal plane crash in its history. It operates commercial flights to Hawaiian, connecting the state to the American mainland and a dozen other countries.

1929 – 1940

Inter-Island Airways Logo 1929-1940

The logo in the colors of the American flag at the top shows a map showing the airline’s routes. Black lines and golden islands are on a red background. In the center on a white stripe is the inscription “Inter-Island Airways Limited,” denoting the first name of the carrier. The letters are large, wide, with an original curved “S” and a miniature dash of the same shape. At the bottom, on a blue substrate, there is a winged Aeroflot symbol with a miniature badge between the wings. Below is the location of the aircraft – “Honolulu Hawaii.” The logo is shaped like a heraldic shield with a white border.

1940 – 1950

Hawaiian Airlines Logo 1940-1950

After changing the name to Hawaiian Airlines, the company immediately changed its image, and with it, its identity. For the new logo, the designers chose an image of an airplane flying along the coastline and over a sailboat with rowers. The designers have given the badge a more pronounced heraldic shield shape by making two indentations in the upper part. The inscriptions are now italic, coherent, handwritten. They are arranged in two rows: the top one is on a red background, and the bottom is on a blue background. But there is no exact border between the colors because the logo looks like a whole picture and not a collection of separate elements.

1950 – 1953

Hawaiian Airlines Logo 1950-1953

The logo of these years is based on the winged sign of Aeroflot, which was present in the debut version. But this time, the wings are located to the right and left of the first word in the name of the airline, “Hawaiian.” The second part (“Airlines”) is below and is handwritten in coherent italics. All elements are enclosed in an orange rectangle.

1953 – 1966

Hawaiian Airlines Logo 1953-1966

The red oval depicts a white gull heading to the right. She replaced the winged sign. The abbreviation “HAL” is written on the bird’s wing, which is the decoding of the full name of the air carrier. Below is the inscription “Hawaiian Airlines.” It is made in block letters in the upper case with a slight slope to the right.

1966 – 1973

Hawaiian Airlines Logo 1966-1973

The developers have completely transformed the logo, leaving nothing of the familiar elements. Now alone red plane flaunts the logo against a white background. The word “Hawaiian” is written on board in white letters.

1973 – 1990

Hawaiian Air Logo 1973-1990

In 1973, the legendary renaming took place: the company received the name Hawaiian Air. At the same time, the iconic emblem designed by Landor Associates was presented. Its code name is Pualani. The logo represents a red hibiscus flower, against which a girl is depicted in profile. She looks up, her head thrown back slightly, which indicates the connection between the logo and the theme of flights. The girl’s face is white; her hair is brown; the flower in her hair is deep pink. Several brown dots are visible in the center, forming an ornament. Below is the phrase “Hawaiian Air” in stylized letters. They are all connected except for the “W.”

1990 – 1995

Hawaiian Airlines Logo 1990-1995

The company returned the old name and replaced the inscription at the bottom, keeping the old style. The only difference is that now the name occupies not one but two rows. Another change has been made to the central part of the flower in the hair: instead of a dotted ornament, there is now a miniature star.

1995 – 2001

Hawaiian Airlines Logo 1995-2001

The developers have rearranged the elements on the logo. They placed the text behind the icon on the left and suggested a different color palette. Everything brown, the authors of the logo made dark purple, repainted the background hibiscus in yellow, and replaced the old flower in the hair with a new one – symmetrical, consisting of five petals.

2001 – 2017

Hawaiian Airlines Logo 2001-2017

In this version, all the elements are in their places, but they are decorated completely differently. The girl’s head is detailed and slightly turned by her face. The eyes, nose, lips, and eyebrows are now clearly visible on it. Hibiscus is depicted in the hair, and the background flower has become non-specific, general. Changes also affected the lettering, as the designers abandoned the continuous style, separating each letter. The authors added two long sharp lines to the bottom word. This version of the logo uses colors such as purple, blue, and red-orange.

2017 – today

Hawaiian Airlines Logo 2017-present

The design has become more sophisticated and detailed. The hibiscus flower is now realistic. The background flower is replaced with a circle with gradient color and looks more like the evening sun. The girl’s hair is elegantly styled, and her attentive gaze is directed upwards. The company name is located under the icon.

Hawaiian Airlines: Interesting Facts

Hawaiian Airlines, founded on January 30, 1929, as Inter-Island Airways, has grown from offering sightseeing tours over Oahu to becoming a major airline connecting Hawaii with the world.

  1. Beginnings: In 1929, it started providing air tours of Oahu and quickly expanded to scheduled flights between Honolulu, Maui, and the Big Island.
  2. Name Change: In 1941, it became Hawaiian Airlines, reflecting a broader mission to serve the Hawaiian Islands and beyond.
  3. Safety Record: It’s the oldest US carrier with no fatal accidents or hull losses, highlighting its dedication to safety.
  4. Growth: Originally focusing on inter-island service, it flies long-haul to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the American mainland, and the Pacific islands.
  5. Innovation: In 1950, it was the first to operate commercial flights with twin-engine Sikorsky S-38 planes, demonstrating aviation innovation.
  6. Branding: Its livery features Pualani (Flower of the Sky), symbolizing its roots and the spirit of Hawaii. The branding emphasizes comfort and hospitality.
  7. Environmental Efforts: The airline invests in fuel-efficient aircraft and supports environmental projects, showing its commitment to sustainability.
  8. In-flight Service: Known for exceptional hospitality, it offers complimentary meals on trans-Pacific flights, which is rare among US carriers.
  9. Frequent Flyer Program: HawaiianMiles rewards passengers for flying with Hawaiian Airlines and its partners, enhancing customer loyalty.
  10. Cultural Engagement: It promotes Hawaiian culture and language, including Hawaiian language lessons on some flights and support for cultural festivals.

Hawaiian Airlines distinguishes itself in the aviation industry by blending a rich history with a strong commitment to safety, service, and Hawaiian cultural promotion.

Font and Colors

Hawaiian Airlines Emblem

Modifications to the Hawaiian Airlines logo are associated with ongoing detailing. Therefore, the girl from the abstract became realistic. The number of flowers was also reduced: the developers left the hibiscus in the hair, and the background was completely removed, suggesting a gradient disk of the sun to replace it.

Hawaiian Airlines Symbol

The writing style has evolved constantly. The logo had different inscriptions – from coherent italics to single letters. In one version, the characters were fused; in the other, they were printed with a slight slant to the right. Now an individual font is used, which has no analogs. The signature palette has always included the shades that form purple: these are the red, blue, and pink, which are still present in the emblem.”

Hawaiian Airlines color codes

Dark Slate BlueHex color:#413691
RGB:65 54 145
CMYK:55 63 0 43
Pantone:PMS 268 C
Imperial RedHex color:#ef3138
RGB:239 49 56
CMYK:0 79 77 6
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Purple HeartHex color:#523090
RGB:82 48 144
CMYK:43 67 0 44
Pantone:PMS 267 C
Dark MagentaHex color:#9d178d
RGB:157 23 141
CMYK:0 85 10 38
Pantone:PMS 2405 C
Red VioletHex color:#d2058a
RGB:210 5 138
CMYK:0 98 34 18
Pantone:PMS 219 C

Who is the Hawaiian Airlines logo?

The Hawaiian Airlines logo depicts the head of a girl named Pualani. Her name stands for Flower of the Sky.

Who is the face of Hawaiian Airlines?

The face of the airline is Pualani. It is a collective image that symbolizes Hawaiians and Hawaiian hospitality.

What font does Hawaiian Airlines use?

For ‘HAWAIIAN,’ a custom sans serif font reminiscent of Linotype Finnegan Small Caps Medium and FF Signa Round Pro Bold is used. For ‘AIRLINES,’ a subtle grotesque font similar to Embarcadero MVB SC or DIN Next Cyrillic Regular has been chosen.

How many planes does Hawaiian Airlines have?

As of July 2021, Hawaiian Airlines had a fleet size of 60 planes.