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Hearthstone Logo

Hearthstone Logo
Hearthstone Logo PNG

While the fictional Warcraft universe inspired Hearthstone, it has no storyline. Its whole point is to accumulate the maximum number of cards. They can be bought or won during matches that are played in five modes. And so that no one has a complete collection, Blizzard Entertainment regularly adds new sets of cards dedicated to a particular location or part of Warcraft.

Meaning and History

Hearthstone Logo History
Evolution of the Hearthstone Logo

Hearthstone is now a whole esports discipline. The developer regularly holds championships, where the winners of qualifying tournaments are admitted. The usual computer game for Windows, Android, and iOS became the basis for the competition and was recognized as a sport.

Ben Brode and Eric Dodds have worked hard on Hearthstone. From the very beginning, they held the position of chief game designer, which means that the game’s logo is in some way their merit. It is very similar to the World of Warcraft icon in general style because it also contains orange lettering with two enlarged letters.

2013 – 2016

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Logo 2013-2016

The first version of the emblem was quite dark. The designers enveloped the word “HEARTHSTONE” in gray shadows and left only one bright element – a blue “O” in the form of a spiral rune. To make her light more believable, they added highlights to the rest of the letters. The color scheme was gradient: the closer to “O,” the lighter.

At the bottom, on a brown plaque, was the second half of the game’s name: HEROES OF WARCRAFT. It was lost against the background of the main inscription because it consisted of thin white letters and did not take up much space.

2016 – present

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Logo 2016-present

In 2016, the designers removed the bottom of the logo and left only the word “HEARTHSTONE.” There were new details, including an extended “R” leg to balance the image. The shadows dissipated in the rays of the bright sun rising from behind the inscription.

The emblem’s most recognizable element is the letter “O” – an oval with a white and blue spiral twisted counterclockwise. There is an item in World of Warcraft with a similar pattern, and by the way, it is also called Hearthstone. This rune allows the gamer to instantly return to his home location – most often to a safe place near the inn or to another pre-selected location. So the logo of the Hearthstone game of the same name is very symbolic.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Hearthstone Emblem

The designers did not use standard fonts and drew the inscription themselves from scratch. All letters are capitalized, but the first “H” and the seventh “S” are slightly higher than the rest – just like the “W” and “C” on the similar World of Warcraft icon. The word is arched and decorated with short serifs.

Hearthstone Symbol

The letters look like they are carved out of stone. This is indicated by the “scratched” texture and orange gradient. The volumetric frame creates a 3D effect. The distribution of colors is uneven: transitions of dark and light shades are observed. Despite this, the main palette is not very numerous: orange, brown, and blue. Other colors – such as white, gray, and yellow – only complement the general idea and are used in limited quantities.