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Heliswiss logo embodies symbols intrinsically connected to the brand, reflecting the essence of the company’s identity. It includes the edelweiss, the national flower of Switzerland, with recognizable silver petals of different sizes and a golden center formed by seven uneven circles. Above, there’s a curved red stripe representing the trail of a spinning propeller, and on the right, a red trapezium signifies part of a helicopter’s tail, containing a white cross-referring to the Swiss flag and coat of arms. The central black inscription “Heliswiss” is styled in a typeface from the Helvetica family.


  • Edelweiss: The inclusion of Edelweiss serves to underline the Swiss origin of the company. This flower is not only a symbol of Switzerland but also conveys themes of purity, courage, and resilience, qualities the company aims to mirror.
  • Red Trapezium with White Cross: This design, with elements of the Swiss flag, emphasizes the company’s pride in its heritage and commitment to Swiss values and standards.
  • Curved Red Stripe: Representing the motion of a helicopter’s propeller, this dynamic visual connects directly to the core service of the company, i.e., helicopter operations.

Design Elements:

  • Color Palette: The colors red, white, silver, and gold have been carefully selected to align with the Swiss national colors and to add a touch of elegance and sophistication.
  • Typography: Helvetica, a renowned Swiss typeface, further ties the logo to its Swiss roots and provides a clear, readable, and modern appearance.

Brand Image and Values:

  • Connection to Switzerland: By integrating quintessential Swiss symbols, the logo directly links to the company’s origin, showcasing its connection to Swiss culture and tradition.
  • Depiction of Services: Through the visual representation of helicopter parts, the logo clarifies the nature of the company’s business in aviation, particularly helicopter services.
  • Quality and Excellence: The intricate design and attention to detail mirror the company’s commitment to quality and excellence in service.

Market Positioning:

  • Unique Identity: Combining national symbols with aviation imagery sets the company apart, creating a unique identity in the market.
  • Trust and Credibility: The adherence to Swiss symbols, known for precision and reliability, builds trust and credibility with clients and partners.

Cultural Resonance:

  • Respect for Heritage: By embracing significant cultural symbols, the logo resonates with the Swiss audience and those familiar with Swiss values and traditions.
  • Global Appeal: The elegant design and universal symbolism of flight also ensure that the logo appeals to a broader international audience.

Heliswiss: Brand overview

Founded: 1953
Bern Airport, Switzerland
Website: heliswissinternational.ch

Heliswiss, the first commercial helicopter enterprise in Switzerland, was established in 1953. Its initial operations revolved around providing sightseeing tours with helicopters and conducting mountain rescue missions, primarily utilizing Bell 47G helicopters.

As the 1960s rolled in, Heliswiss broadened its scope, venturing into offshore helicopter operations catering to the oil and gas industry. In the following years, it emerged as a renowned supplier of helicopter charter services, serving corporate executives, VIPs, and the tourism sector.

The company continuously modernized its fleet, transitioning from piston helicopters to contemporary turbine-engine models. To accommodate escalating demand, it established additional bases across Switzerland and Europe.

While the company remained devoted to its charter services, it ventured into other niche areas. More recently, Heliswiss has started offering specialized scheduled routes and medical flights. The company’s enduring focus on safety and reliability has earned it an excellent reputation over its seven decades.

As of today, Heliswiss operates an extensive fleet of light and medium helicopters. Its services include charter flights, offshore transport, medical flights, and other specialized aerial services. Having been a pioneer in the commercial helicopter industry in Switzerland, the company continues to be an industry frontrunner, supporting a wide range of aerial missions throughout Europe.

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