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Heliswiss: Brand overview

Heliswiss, the first commercial helicopter company in Switzerland, was founded in 1953. The company was originally involved in helicopter sightseeing tours and mountain rescue operations, mainly with Bell 47G helicopters.

In the 1960s, Heliswiss expanded into offshore helicopter operations for the oil and gas industry. In the following years, the company became a renowned provider of helicopter charter services, catering to corporate executives, VIPs, and the tourism sector.

The company has continuously modernized its fleet, moving from piston helicopters to modern models with turboprop engines. Additional bases were opened in Switzerland and Europe to meet the growing demand.

While remaining committed to charter transportation, the company has been exploring other niche areas. More recently, Heliswiss began offering specialized scheduled routes and medical flights. Over seven decades of operation, the company has gained an excellent reputation for its unwavering commitment to safety and reliability.

Today, Heliswiss operates an extensive fleet of light and medium helicopters. Its services include charter flights, maritime transportation, medical flights, and other specialized aviation services. As the pioneer of commercial helicopter construction in Switzerland, the company continues to be an industry leader with a wide range of aviation services throughout Europe.

Meaning and History

Heliswiss Logo History

1953 – today

Heliswiss Logo

The Heliswiss logo includes symbols that correspond to the company’s identity. For example, it depicts the edelweiss, the national flower of Switzerland. The edelweiss has recognizable silver petals of different sizes and a golden center consisting of seven irregular circles. Above the flower is a curved red stripe representing the trace of a spinning propeller. To the right is a red trapezoid, symbolizing part of the tail of a helicopter and including a white cross, referring to the flag and coat of arms of Switzerland. Centered in the center is the black lettering “Heliswiss” in the Helvetica font family.

The use of Helvetica, a font of Swiss origin, fits well with the Swiss identity of the company. The red trapezoid with a white cross recalls the Swiss flag and links the design to the country’s history and traditions. The curved red stripe, imitating a rotating propeller, suggests movement and advanced technology. The logo successfully combines various elements that establish a close connection with Swiss culture and the aviation industry.