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Since 1924, the High Point Panthers logo has reflected the High Point Panthers’ sports department. A modern, concise version connects the brand’s history with its present day and ensures recognition.

High Point Panthers: Brand overview

Founded: 1976
High Point, North Carolina, U.S.
Website: highpointpanthers.com
High Point University, founded in 1924, sponsors sixteen sporting events. Teams called High Point Panthers to participate in the NCAA Division I, mainly in the Big South Conference. Only male lacrosse has been listed at the Southern Conference since 2014. The most successful season was 2009-2011 when HPU students won many tournaments and championships. The official colors of the university are white and purple, and the main mascot is Prowler the Panther.

Meaning and History

High Point Panthers Logo History

1976-1995 – The era of the round emblem in the form of a seal. In the center was the “HP” monogram, along the circumference on the inside were the words “High Point University.” 1996 brought radical changes. After the redesign of the logo, only a combination of the letters “H” and “P” with triangular serifs remains.

The 2004 logo looked completely different. Artists, for the first time in a long time, depicted a sports mascot: a panther. The predator released its claws and opened its mouth with sharp teeth. At the same time, she snuggled close to the word “Panthers,” wrapping her tail around it.

The final version of the emblem was presented in 2012. The world again saw the company monogram, now from three letters: “H,” “P,” and “U.” The general style has not changed, but the characters are tilted to the left, painted in purple and have asymmetrical serifs.

What is High Point Panthers?

High Point Panthers is an athletic department associated with High Point University in North Carolina. It includes 16 student teams participating in NCAA Division I as members of the Big South Conference. The exception is the men’s lacrosse team, which is part of the Southern Conference.

1976 – 1995

High Point Panthers Logo 1976-1995

1996 – 2003

High Point Panthers Logo 1996-2003

2004 – 2011

High Point Panthers Logo 2004-2011

2012 – today

High Point Panthers Logo 2012-Present

High Point Panthers Basketball

High Point Panthers emblem

The men’s team began to play in 1927. The team twice reached the NAIA Tournament’s quarter-finals and appeared the same number of times in CIT, NIT, and the NCAA Division II Tournament. The women’s program has existed since 1967. Basketball players won the 1978 AIAW Division II national championship and the seven Carolinas Conference Tournament.

High Point Panthers Soccer

High Point Panthers symbol

Football players play in the Vert Stadium home arena. Brandi Fontaine trains women, and Zach Haines trains men.

Font and Colors

High Point Pantherss color codes

Deep Violet Hex color: #330072
RGB: 51 0 114
CMYK: 55 100 0 55
Pantone: PMS 2685 C