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The History Channel logo invites you to dive into the past to learn about ancient events and civilizations. It is associated with popular science programs dedicated to archaeology, culture, and technological progress. The simplicity and unique design of the emblem help create a memorable brand, allowing viewers to identify the channel quickly.

History Channel: Brand overview

Founded:January 1, 1995
Founder:A&E Networks
New York City, New York, U.S.
The History Channel was launched in 1995 by A&E Networks. It initially specialized in broadcasting educational programs and documentaries covering past events. However, over time, the content changed: it turned out that to attract an audience, reality shows about people of different professions and conspiracy theories needed to be shown. Everything related to military themes was transferred to Military History. In 2013, the channel presented its first series – Vikings. It was very successful and was extended for six seasons. History has an American version and many foreign ones: Latin American, African, Australian, Canadian, Indian, European, and others.

Meaning and History

History Channel Logo History

The golden letter “H,” reminiscent of ancient columns, is associated with the History Channel and its content. But only some people know who came up with this iconic logo. Its creator is Philip Gips, who became famous as the author of several dozen posters for American films. The graphic designer, who graduated from Yale University and founded the advertising agency Frankfurt Gips Balkind, used a beveled font for the “H.” He created the illusion of elevated middle and side recesses using a gradient. And because of the juxtaposition of several shades on the facets of the glyph, there is a directional light source nearby. The symbol looks stable and resembles an architectural creation thanks to triangular serifs.

But in 2021, designers modernized the History Channel emblem, ridding it of the bevel effect. In the new version, the “H” is not voluminous but double: inside the large gold letter is another – white and much smaller size. This allowed for preserving the multi-layered nature of the logo while making it more minimalist at the same time.

What is History Channel?

The History Channel is the old name of the television network History, used until 2008. This broadcasting company is based in New York City, USA. Since its establishment in 1995, it specialized in broadcasting documentary programs but, over time, began to show reality shows and other entertainment content. Its owner is A&E Networks, which Disney and Hearst equally own.


History TV Network Logo 1994

Before the official launch, the History Channel used a multi-level emblem with inscriptions. At the top, in a black rectangle, is a large white letter, “H,” made in a simple font with serifs. Below it, in a yellow rectangle, is the word “TV.” Even lower is the phrase “HISTORY TV NETWORK.” It looms over the sentences “All of History. All in one place.”, which are divided into two lines. This motto demonstrates the diverse nature of the content.

1995 – 2008

The History Channel Logo 1995

The original emblem was introduced on January 1, 1995, simultaneously with the channel’s debut. It differs from the preliminary version’s three-dimensional design, as a beveled font is used for the “H.” The letter has edges that make it voluminous. The golden gradient is distributed in such a way as to create the impression of an invisible light source. Its direction can be determined by the smoky shadow cast by the “H” on the square base. The red background color and the golden frame transform the symbol into a refined decoration: it looks like a piece of jewelry on a velvet pillow. Below is the black phrase “THE HISTORY CHANNEL.” Its uppercase font with triangular serifs harmonizes with the standalone “H.”

2008 – 2015

History Logo 2008

In February 2008, a rebranding was conducted, and the name of the TV channel was shortened to the word History. The verbal sign changed accordingly: “The” and “Channel” disappeared. The designers used a sans serif font – Franklin Gothic Bold to balance the shortened inscription. All glyphs remained uppercase and black. Above is the gold letter “H,” but it no longer has a dark gray shadow. Only three stripes were left from the red square base: one at the bottom and two – on the left, in the form of an arrow.

2015 – 2021

History Logo 2015

BUSTER and Caspar Nonner updated the logo but kept its concept the same. They removed the two short red stripes on the left, which allowed the letter “H” to be enlarged. The golden gradient has shifted: those edges previously in the shadow now shine brightly. This creates the impression that the invisible light source has been moved to another side.

2021 – today

History Logo

In December 2021, the History Channel followed minimalism, making its emblem visually flat. It still has a gold texture but no longer has high edges. However, thin white lines that mimic the shape of the letter have appeared inside the “H.” These stripes look like long holes cut into the plane. The gradient has also been changed: the darkest part is the bottom, and the lightest is the upper right corner.

The horizontal line drawn under the “H” no longer appears voluminous, as it is painted in only one shade of red. The word “HISTORY” is still black. The designers have improved its readability by making the letters narrower and more elongated.

Font and Colors

The verbal sign of 2021 is made in the Centra No. 2 Bold font, which is based on the Gill Sans and Johnston styles. It belongs to a series of geometric grotesques created by Joshua Finklea in 2017. The standalone letter “H” with triangular serifs has an individual design.

Black, red, gold, and white – the classic color combination of the History Channel. Because of the gradient, it seems that sun rays are reflected from the surface of the “H.” Gold is associated with light, knowledge, and positive energy, and black gives the impression of seriousness and elegance.

History Channel color codes

Banana YellowHex color:#fedd41
RGB:254 221 65
CMYK:0 13 74 0
Pantone:PMS 115 C
Ruddy BrownHex color:#ba5b1d
RGB:186 91 29
CMYK:0 51 84 27
Pantone:PMS 1595 C
Pigment RedHex color:#f1221f
RGB:241 34 31
CMYK:0 86 87 5
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C