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The HK Express logo symbolizes an effortless journey to diverse destinations like the bustling streets of Tokyo, the serene temples of Cambodia, or the relaxing beaches of Thailand. Like how you can find affordable and delicious food in Hong Kong’s many stalls, HK Express offers accessible and economical flying options throughout Asia, making travel easy and cost-effective.

HK Express: Brand overview

Established in 2004, HK Express, known as Hong Kong Express Airways Limited, has become a distinctive low-cost airline based at Hong Kong International Airport. Backed by Cathay Pacific Airways, Asia’s leading carrier, HK Express has become a trusted provider of affordable and convenient air transportation for passengers throughout the region.

Initially, HK Express focused on establishing short-haul routes connecting Hong Kong with popular Asian destinations.

Since then, HK Express has expanded its route network, allowing more travelers to explore new places and enjoy the pleasures of air travel at affordable prices. With a wide range of flights to Cambodia, China, Japan, South Korea, the Northern Mariana Islands, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and other key Asian destinations, HK Express offers limitless possibilities for travelers.

Cathay Pacific Airways acquired HK Express in 2019, becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary.

With HK Express, travelers have access to many exciting destinations in Asia. From bustling metropolises like Tokyo and Seoul to idyllic destinations like Phuket and Da Nang, the airline opens doors to a world of possibilities.

Meaning and History

HK Express Logo History

What is HK Express?

Hong Kong Express Airways Limited, or Hong Kong Express or HK Express, is an important player in the Asian aviation market. This budget airline, wholly owned by Cathay Pacific Airways, operates scheduled air services across the Asian continent from its main hub at the busy Hong Kong International Airport. The company flies to 27 destinations throughout Asia, including Cambodia, China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and the Northern Mariana Islands.

2008 – 2013

Hong Kong Express Logo 2008

From 2008 to 2013, HK Express underwent significant brand updates, notably by introducing a new logo. This logo features the head of a zuvu, a mythical Chinese creature resembling a tiger known for its ability to cover vast distances in a single day. The zuvu’s unique trait was a decisive factor in its selection as the airline’s mascot, highlighting the company’s capability for quick and extensive transportation.

Adjacent to the zuvu image is a red streak representing the powerful swing of its tail, which is several times longer than its body. This design element symbolizes the airline’s speed, endurance, and strength, emphasizing its ability to swiftly and efficiently transport passengers and cargo.

The logo’s design incorporates a three-tier inscription reflecting the airline’s three-class service system and a broad range of additional services. The name of the city where the airline is based and operates, Hong Kong, along with the Chinese name of the company, are highlighted in red, drawing special attention and emphasizing the brand’s local roots. In the center, the main brand name ‘Express’ is displayed in large gold letters, underscoring the speed and efficiency of the company’s services. Combining the word ‘Express’ with the zuvu image strengthens the association with the speed and power that are key attributes of HK Express.

2013 – 2023

HK Express Logo 2013

In 2013, as part of its transformation into a low-cost carrier, HK Express revamped its logo to be more succinct, embodying its new emphasis on simplicity, affordability, and modernity. The revised logo communicates the airline’s commitment to straightforward and economical travel solutions, paired with a modern approach to air transportation.

The logo features letters in purple, a color selected for its futuristic feel. The letters are used at various lengths to signify long-haul flights. This design emphasizes the opportunity for passengers to opt out of certain services to reduce costs further, a significant advantage the low-cost airline offers.

The company’s name is displayed in red lowercase letters at the top of the logo, visually underscoring its accessibility and low flight costs. This design strategy draws attention to the brand and symbolically represents air travel, where the company offers its customers the most competitive rates.

2023 – today

HK Express Logo

The large purple “e” in a loop symbolizes the company’s readiness for air travel on various routes. The small blue rectangle at the end of the letter serves as a decorative element. Two different fonts are used in the inscription “HK express.” A font similar to Latinotype’s Blanc Regular is used for the “HK” inscription, while the second word uses a set of glyphs with smooth curves. The neighboring letters “e” and “x” merge into each other to form a curved shape.

The looped design of the letter “e” perhaps symbolizes the company’s flexibility and adaptability in aviation services. Combining the letters “e” and “x” gives the logo a unique character, emphasizing the express nature of the services. The small blue rectangle is a decorative element and subtly hints at the sky, reinforcing the aviation theme.