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Hokkaido Air System: Brand overview

Hokkaido Air System was established in 1997 to provide regional air transportation on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. The airline began operations in 1998, offering turboprop flights connecting the city of Sapporo to other destinations in Hokkaido.

In the following decade, it expanded its presence in Hokkaido and incorporated small jets into its operations to provide routes to Tokyo. The airline has played a critical role in bridging the gap between Hokkaido’s population centers, as well as serving tourists traveling to and from Hokkaido’s ski resorts and Tokyo.

However, the shrinking local population and airport closures in recent years have had a negative impact on demand for the airline’s services. This led Hokkaido Air System to discontinue several regional flights that no longer made economic sense.

The airline currently operates only two routes, from Sapporo to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport and Shiretoko Airport. This is supported by a modest fleet of three airplanes.

Although Hokkaido Air System has provided valuable air service for a quarter century, the airline now stands at a crossroads as Japan’s regional market shrinks. The airline will likely continue to adapt its business model, fleet, and network to meet the changing market dynamics in northern Japan.

Meaning and History

Hokkaido Air System Logo History

1997 – 2002

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2002 – 2011

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2011 – 2014

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2014 – today

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The main identifying mark of the Hokkaido Air System is the black abbreviation “HAS” in bold italics. Next to it is the emblem of the carrier’s parent company, Japan Airlines. The emblem is an image of a crane known as Tsurumaru. Inspired by samurai crests, the bird’s image represents Japanese culture and serves as a symbol of steadfastness and loyalty. The crane’s wings form a circle, in the center of which is a graceful head on a long neck. On the bird’s chest are the white letters “JAL.”

The combination of the HAS acronym and the Japan Airlines logo serves two purposes. It reinforces Hokkaido Air System’s corporate identity while emphasizing its connection to its parent company. The use of the Tsurumaru symbol, deeply rooted in Japanese culture, reinforces the cultural resonance of the logo. The circular shape of the crane symbolizes unity and integrity, which is interpreted as a commitment to comprehensive service and customer satisfaction.