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Hootsuite Logo

Hootsuite Logo
Hootsuite Logo PNG

Content managers use Hootsuite to manage social media. This tool allows you to keep records, search for clients, work with their requests, and schedule publications. Ryan Holmes, the platform’s creator, brought together all the features his agency Invoke Media needed. To do business and not be distracted by Twitter, a Canadian programmer and colleague in 2008 came up with the BrightKit system. She had several built-in analytics capabilities and helped curate exciting content. A year later, Hootsuite was developed on its basis.

Meaning and History

Hootsuite Logo History
Evolution of the Hootsuite Logo

The users themselves chose the name for the service. Ryan Holmes motivated them with a cash award, promising $ 500 for winning the competition. The best, in his opinion, version was formed from the French phrase “tout de suite,” which means “right now.” The person who suggested it used the owl icon on the BrightKit dashboard as inspiration. He noticed the connection between the words “Owly” and “Hootsuite” and received the grand prize for his resourcefulness.

The renaming took place in 2009. Simultaneously, the platform added support for other social networks and began to operate as an independent company. It left Invoke Media and was incorporated under the name Hootsuite Media, Inc. From that moment on, her independent path began in the field of online brand management. The service logo changed under the influence of external factors. It reflected the company’s desire to overtake competitors even in such a matter as creating a visual identity.

2008 – 2014

Hootsuite Logo 2008-2014

The first logo was not used in 2008 because neither it nor Hootsuite existed at the time. It came into use a year later, immediately after the program was renamed. Although we have to admit that the owl appeared during the time of BrightKit: a funny emblem once adorned the Twitter dashboard.

This bird was and remained the main mascot of the platform. Until 2014, she was portrayed in a cartoon style: with large dark gray ears, a light gray wing, and an orange beak similar to the nose of a snowman. The body of an owl was shaped like a drop. For credibility, the artists added a black shadow that created a three-dimensional effect.

The “Hootsuite” lettering also looked three-dimensional, but for a different reason. The designers used a linear gradient for their design. The name was divided into two parts: orange “hoot” and gray “suite.”

2014 – present

Hootsuite Logo 2014-present

Vigilante’s agency representatives, marketers, designers, writers, Dee Anna McPherson (VP of Marketing), and Ryan Holmes have teamed up to create a new look for the platform. They kept the Owly mascot but significantly reworked it, making it minimalist and monochrome. The owl now consists of the simplest geometric shapes, mostly circles, and triangles. It has no wing, and its beak is connected to the eyes.

The word “Hootsuite” has also changed. First, the developers chose a different font, more round than the first one. Second, they converted the “H” to uppercase and repainted both parts of the lettering black.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Hootsuite Emblem

The social media management system has a recognizable symbol and mascot – an owl. It is the main element of the logo and reflects the friendliness and simplicity of the brand. For all the years, it has changed only once, and then “cosmetically.” The designers have updated the style a bit, following the example of Twitter, which gave a modern look to its Larry the Bird.

On the first logo, the name of the program was written in lowercase letters. The font was very reminiscent of Supra Condensed Medium, created in 2013 by the typographer Gert Wiescher. But many details varied, so here we can talk about an individual typeface designed to order.

For the second word mark, a font similar to Graublau Sans Bold was used. The original grotesque appeared in 2012 and was published by the FDI Type Foundry. Another analog is Mute Bold from Indian Type Foundry. The Hootsuite design team changed some of the glyphs, including removing the left half of the horizontal stroke from the “t” and rounding off the letter’s top.

Hootsuite Symbol

The palette used to be more varied than it is now. It included a light brown color as well as several shades of orange and gray. The current logo is all black and white: both the inscription and the owl. It became so after the redesign in 2014.