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Houston Baptist Huskies Logo
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Houston Baptist Huskies is a sports department owned by the private educational institution Houston Baptist University. The university is represented by fifteen teams, divided into two collegiate conferences: SLC and WAC. The teams were part of the National Collegiate Athletic Association back in 1960-1990. Then the teams entered the NAIA, where they stayed until 2007 and again moved to the NCAA Division I. The official colors of the university are orange and royal blue.

Meaning and History

Houston Baptist Huskies Logo History
Evolution of the Houston Baptist Huskies Logo

Given the nickname of the teams, it is logical that their emblem shows a husky. More precisely, only his head, which is turned in full face. Artists dispensed with detail, emphasizing only the characteristic dark lines on the forehead and the specific shape of the eyes. Thanks to this, it immediately becomes clear which breed the dog belongs to.

Above is the abbreviation “HBU” – an abbreviation for the phrase “Houston Baptist University.” The lower part of the emblem is occupied by the word “Huskies,” decorated with vertical and horizontal serifs. Both labels are located diagonally and are read from bottom to top. The palette is dominated by blue. Almost no orange: they circled the letters “HBU.”

Houston Baptist Huskies Basketball

Houston Baptist Huskies emblem

The men’s team competed in the NAIA Men’s Basketball Tournament for ten consecutive seasons (from 1997 to 2007). And in 2017, the team played at the CollegeInsider.com Postseason Tournament. The women’s team debuted in 1999. Donna Finnie coaches it.

Houston Baptist Huskies Baseball

Houston Baptist Huskies symbol

Houston Baptist Huskies team’s main accomplishments included participating in the Baseball Region VI Champions and third place in the 2007 NAIA Baseball World Series. Also, the team won the Southland Conference Tournament and held the 2015 NCAA Baseball Tournament.