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The Houston Cougars logo is a modern depiction of the 1952 sports teams of the University of Houston, executed in a minimalist style. The simple yet attention-grabbing monogram reflects the brilliance of the game and the efficiency of tactics.

Houston Cougars: Brand overview

Houston, Texas, U.S.
Seventeen teams sponsored by the University of Houston compete in NCAA Division I as members of the American Athletic Conference. The sports program is officially called Houston Cougars. This nickname was coined by John Reinhold “Chief” Bender, a university faculty member and former football coach of the Washington State Cougars. Other unofficial nicknames include Houston, UH, and Coogs. The team’s mascot is a cougar named Shasta, and the primary colors are crimson and white.

Meaning and History

Houston Cougars Logo History

Some early logos were dedicated to the symbol of the sports department – the wild cougar. The 1951 emblem featured a cougar in mid-leap. The design looks like a sketch and consists of red strokes and lines. In the upper right corner is the word “Cougars,” and at the bottom is the phrase “U of Houston.” In 1962, the multi-component image was replaced with a monogram of the red letters “U” and “H.”

The 1995 version once again delighted fans with its colorfulness. The logo consists of three elements:

  • A crouching cougar
  • A large inscription of Houston
  • A white rectangle with the word Cougars

However, this logo did not last long: in 2003, the classic “UH” monogram returned. Its final version was presented in 2012. Designers made the letters voluminous, combining two shades of red, and outlined the image with a crimson stripe.

What is Houston Cougars?

The Houston Cougars is a sports department belonging to the University of Houston, located in Texas, consisting of 17 student teams. The association is part of the NCAA, where it competes in Division I. It is a member of the American Athletic Conference, competing within the Football Bowl Subdivision. Starting in 2023, athletes will also be represented in the Big 12 conference.

1951 – 1961

Houston Cougars Logo 1951-1961

1962 – 1994

Houston Cougars Logo 1962-1994

1995 – 2002

Houston Cougars Logo 1995-2002

2003 – 2011

Houston Cougars Logo 2003-2011

2012 – today

Houston Cougars Logo 2012-Present

Houston Cougars Basketball

Houston Cougars emblem

The men’s team’s debut match took place in 1946. The women’s basketball program at the University of Houston already existed at that time. The Cougars have participated twenty-one times in the NCAA tournament in men’s Division I and five times in the NCAA tournament in women’s Division I.

Houston Cougars Football

Houston Cougars symbol

The first team emerged in 1946 – after students signed several petitions demanding to join intercollegiate football competitions. The program proved to be successful: athletes unconditionally won eleven conference championships and two division championships.

Houston Cougars Baseball

Houston Cougars sing

The University of Houston has sponsored a baseball team since 1947. Success came to it in 1950 when Lovette Hill became the coach. Under his guidance, players participated in several NCAA regional competitions and took part in the College World Series for the first time. Currently, the baseball players are coached by Todd Whitting.

Font and Colors

Houston Cougars color codes

Foreign CrimsonHex color:#c8102e
RGB:200 16 46
CMYK:0 92 77 22
Pantone:PMS 185 C
WineHex color:#76232f
RGB:118 35 47
CMYK:0 70 60 54
Pantone:PMS 202 C