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The design and arrangement of the HTV9 logo convey not only visual attractiveness but also encapsulate the channel’s brand essence and its commitment to delivering high-quality entertainment.

HTV9 emblem, in its modern form, is composed of three parallelograms leaning to the right, rendered in vibrant colors of red, green, and blue. On each parallelogram, there is one of the letters, together forming the name of the channel “HTV.” They are framed within a unified gray contour. To the right, a white digit “9” stands, surrounded by the same gray border.

The embodiment of the logo channel imparts a sense of vitality and dynamism, reflecting the diverse and engaging content that HTV9 provides. The three parallelograms represent a triad of perspectives, highlighting the channel’s commitment to showcasing varied forms of entertainment.

The letters “HTV,” an acronym of the channel’s name, provide a direct representation of the brand’s identity. The fact that these letters are embedded within the parallelograms signifies that the channel is deeply integrated into the entertainment it delivers.

The white digit “9” located on the right indicates the channel number – “HTV9.” The gray contour encompassing the nine and the three parallelograms supplies a consistent visual element that binds the logo’s components together, signifying unity and steadiness in the channel’s brand identity.

HTV9: Brand overview

Founder:Ho Chi Minh City Television

HTV9, established in the mid-1990s by Ho Chi Min Television, has grown to become one of Vietnam’s most renowned TV channels. Alongside its sister channels, such as HTV7 and HTV2, it continues to captivate audiences with its diverse content and quality programming.

Birthed during a period of rapid cultural and technological change, this channel understood the necessity to evolve with the times, thus consistently bringing forth programming that resonated with the changing preferences of its audience. From news and documentary shows to entertainment and lifestyle segments, it covers a broad spectrum of themes and genres, capturing the interest of viewers of all ages.

Meaning and History

HTV9 Logo History

The corporate identity of this channel is built on its reputation as a reliable and diverse provider of quality content. This identity is reflected in the wide-ranging programming offered and the channel’s dedication to fostering a sense of community among viewers.

The branding of HTV9 mirrors its corporate identity. With a strong and vibrant visual brand, the channel stands out in the cluttered television market. Its logo, a combination of bold colors and sleek design, symbolizes the channel’s energy and dynamic nature. This visual representation embodies the channel’s dedication to delivering compelling content and innovation.

The channel’s identity is not merely limited to its aesthetics; it also encompasses the channel’s values and mission. HTV9 maintains a commitment to promoting positive societal values and inspiring viewers through its content. This commitment forms an integral part of the channel’s identity, cementing its position as not just an entertainment provider but a channel that aims to make a difference.

What is HTV9?

HTV9 is a prominent television channel owned by Ho Chi Minh City Television (HTV), the largest local television broadcaster in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Since its founding in 1975, HTV9 has been a cornerstone of Vietnamese television, delivering a broad array of content, including news, entertainment, sports, and educational programming. With a focus on domestic issues and culture, HTV9 plays a critical role in the Vietnamese media, providing vital information and entertainment to its audience across the country. The channel is particularly noted for its news coverage, which offers local, national, and international news.

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HTV9 color codes

LustHex color:#de261e
RGB:222 38 30
CMYK:0 83 86 13
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
Bice GreenHex color:#49b73e
RGB:73 183 62
CMYK:60 0 66 28
Pantone:PMS 354 C
Marian BlueHex color:#364a91
RGB:54 74 145
CMYK:63 49 0 43
Pantone:PMS 7687 C
Jet BlackHex color:#383838
RGB:56 56 56
CMYK:0 0 0 78
Pantone:PMS 447 C