Hugo Boss – big boss changes strategy

Hugo Boss Logo

Likely, only a completely lazy or narrow-minded person in our time of digital information has not heard of cool clothing brands. Such a venerable brand as Hugo Boss is an example of the unique longevity of a company that has not lost its fame and trust but also acquired more capital and connoisseurs with increasing age.

The brand is the clear leader in the premium segment of the global clothing market. Around the world, the company employs about 13,800 employees who prove their dedication and brand values ​​every day. Everything is in the details – from impeccable service to a thread that will never stick out of the lapel of a garment’s sleeve.

Hugo Boss New Logo

BOSS and HUGO menswear and womenswear offer customers more than just business or extra-occasion wear. This is casual, comfortable clothing, sportswear is also included in the company’s assortment. The brand enables any connoisseur of quality clothing to choose at their discretion what is right for a particular person. Quality, compliance with the situation, innovation, and sustainability are the values ​​and messages that the company carries to the masses.

The promoted brand, the impeccable policy of the company, and the skillful hands of craftsmen helped to earn 1.9 billion euros in 2020, in the same difficult period for the whole world, when the coronavirus attacked the population of almost the entire planet.

Hugo Boss Emblem

There is information that the brand offers to comprehend its “existence” in a new way. The company is updating BOSS and HUGO to enhance the brand’s relevance. From logos to marketing, from new technologies in retail to digitalization of materials, this is a new brand journey. Potential buyers will be re-familiar with the brand and will be delighted with the new strategy.

By 2025, it is planned to increase production and sales so that the profit reaches the 400 million euro mark. By improving the brand’s perception of the lifestyle, with a special focus on digital technologies, the company will benefit, as it has done many times already. Therefore, no one doubts the success of the planned enterprise.

Arouse interest among buyers will be the “digitize and surprise” method. Clear marketing strategies characterized by a digital focus and exceptional partnerships will help unleash the potential of BOSS and HUGO. More than 100 million euros are spent on rebranding until 2025, so success is very high.

Hugo Boss Before and After Logo (history)

Therefore, the visual elements will change, like all other aspects of the company’s business.

Design agency N / A handled the visuals.

Not to say that something out of the ordinary has happened – sometimes two brand names are glued together, then they are disconnected. The color scheme of the graphic writing of the names, which has not changed, is designed in red and black.

There is the HUGO BOSS GROUP logo, and there is simply HUGO and BOSS, without doubling the name under the main names. The font has remained unchanged, and the strict consistency in the character of the brand itself.