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The Husqvarna logo is authentic. The symbol is inextricably linked to Sweden and the historical past of the group. The emblem emphasizes the country of origin and gives little information about the direction of the manufacturer’s work, indicating a large and diverse conglomerate.

Husqvarna: Brand overview

Founder:Investor AB, Lundbergs AB
Stockholm and Huskvarna, Sweden

Husqvarna is one of the oldest companies in the market, founded in Sweden in 1689. It specializes in the production of lawnmowers, chainsaws, and other equipment. Its revenue amounts to $5.3 billion, with its main owners being Investor AB and Lundbergs AB.

Meaning and History

Husqvarna Logo History

The company has a long history, yet it only started focusing on visual identity in the early 20th century. Husqvarna approaches changes and additions to its logo very carefully, so rebranding occurs infrequently. All emblems retain the main elements representing the company’s historical past: a crown and the name of the location where the first factory was built. In addition to modern logos, the company has a mark used to label its products since the 17th century.

What is Husqvarna?

An ancient Swedish conglomerate, which throughout its history, has produced a wide range of products, from weapons to motorcycles. Today, it is a leader in the production of power tools, chainsaws, lawnmowers, and other outdoor equipment. The main production facilities are located in Sweden.

1689 – today

Husqvarna Logo 1689

The company’s logo consists of a symbol resembling a crown above a circle. The company was founded in Sweden as a Royal Arms Factory. Therefore, the visual sign uses the image of royal power. The logo embodies the following:

  • The head of the king, as the owner and protector of the production, in whose honor warriors fought and weapons were cast.
  • The muzzle of a musket. The factory produced rifles, pistols, muskets, etc.
  • A bullet or core of excellent quality for protecting the throne.
  • The royal ring, as a symbol of permission to work by special decree of the king.

The symbol was used as a seal on products and showed where the weapons were made.

1912 – 1973

Husqvarna Logo 1912

1973 – today

Husqvarna Logo 1973

2012 – today

Husqvarna Logo

The modern logo retains the image of the crown. However, new elements have been added: the letter H in a circle and the corporation’s name. The three curved rays at the top of the logo resonate with sharp tools and saw teeth.

The company was named after the region in which it was founded. The city was located near a waterfall needed for weapons production. Over 340 years, the company has grown so much that it changed its name from Huskvarna to Huskvarna Group, and the historical city has become just a district of modern Jönköping.

The circle now more closely resembles a square with rounded corners. Changes were made to place the H symbol in the center. The square shape also aligns better with the theme of machines.

Font and Colors

Dark blue has replaced the black colors of the logos. The shade embodies reliability and stability, evoking a sense of trust in customers. This is especially important since the company’s products are designed for long-term use. Blue is the color of technology and electronics, so the color palette represents Huskvarna as a reliable manufacturer of large household tools.

The font is reminiscent of HelveticaNeueLTStd-Md.

Husqvarna color codes

Delft BlueHex color:#2d3f65
RGB:45 63 101
CMYK:55 38 0 60
Pantone:PMS 534 C