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The logo embodies the airline’s combination of budget options and reliable service while slightly hinting at its Spanish origins. It seeks to convey a sense of streamlined operations and customer satisfaction, appealing to a wide range of passengers.

Iberia Express: Brand overview

In 2012, Iberia Express became a low-fare subsidiary of the well-known airline Iberia, offering travelers a convenient and affordable way to reach long-haul destinations. The announcement of its launch in 2011 raised concerns among pilots but also led to important discussions about job protection.

In order to improve the profitability of its parent company, Iberia Express optimized its operations by reallocating aircraft from other routes and hiring dedicated pilots and flight attendants.

On March 25, 2012, Iberia Express successfully took to the air from Madrid, locating its base in the same location as Iberia to ensure smooth operations. The airline welcomed passengers aboard its luxurious Airbus A320 aircraft, offering business and economy class options for a comfortable and enjoyable journey.

Over the years, Iberia Express has seen steady growth, expanding its fleet and making a significant impact on the aviation industry. The airline’s commitment to cost-effective and efficient short and medium-haul routes has revolutionized air travel in Spain.

Meaning and History

Iberia Express Logo History

What is Iberia Express?

Iberia Express is a prominent player in the Spanish aviation industry. As a low-cost airline owned by Iberia, it operates short- and medium-haul routes primarily from Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport, strategically providing feeder flights to Iberia’s long-haul network.

The airline was created to complement Iberia’s existing services with a focus on efficiency and affordability.

2011 – 2013

Iberia Express Logo 2011

2013 – today

Iberia Express Logo

The logo radiates energy and positivity and emphasizes authenticity. It corresponds to Spain, a sunny country represented in yellow and red colors. The emblem represents the airline’s unique symbol: two elongated and pointed elements on the right side, giving the logo a dynamic feel. The company name on the left side is divided into two lines with different font styles. The top line consists of small text in bold letters, while the bottom line consists of a larger word in bold. All characters are uppercase and in a grotesque style.

The elongated and pointed elements on the right side symbolize speed and precision – qualities necessary in aviation. The yellow and red color scheme conveys the warm climate of Spain and gives it a welcoming tone. The combination of different font styles and sizes in the company name creates visual interest, making the logo more memorable. The use of uppercase and grotesque fonts suggests a modern, straightforward approach.