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Icade Logo

Icade Logo
Icade Logo PNG

Icade is an international company that invests in private and public real estate. It was created in 1954 under the name SCIC. She received her current name in 2003. Since 2016 she has been engaged in advertising and the land market. He works in various sectors, including medical and public institutions, residential buildings, business parks, and offices.

Meaning and History

Icade Symbol

The first investment firm logo appeared in 2003, immediately after the rebranding of the SCIC group. Its main element is the “Icade” lettering in a strict sans-serif typeface. There is no hidden meaning in the name: it is derived from Immobiliere Caisse des Depots’ words. On the right is a figure resembling the letter “i.” It consists of a square and a parallelogram. The color scheme is simple – white on blue.

On February 13, 2016, the company introduced a different logo. As CEO Olivier Wigniolle noted, the business changed its strategy over 15 years, so it was necessary to modernize the visual identity. He believed the new style was more customer-centric and less institutionalized.

The modern logo also has the “Icade” inscription, but it looks completely different from the previous version. The top of the letter “A” is slightly cut off, which has become a recognizable brand identity. The motto “L’immobilier de tous vos futurs” is written under the bottom, obtained after a partial rebranding.

Another feature of the graphic sign is the original background. In the background, there are large chaotic spots of different colors. The palette includes blue, cyan, and green. One “cloud” consists of many black dots lined up at the same distance from each other.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Icade Emblem

The Icade logo font is a classic version of the Sans Serif category. These are wide sans serif uppercase letters – chopped, smooth, even. In this case, they are distinguished by strict geometry and the absence of the upper left part “A.” It has half the top cut off, so the right side is slightly higher.

The color scheme consists of white (lettering), black (dots), blue (speckled cloud), green (another chaotic spot), and cyan (third cloud).