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ICON Aircraft: Brand overview

In 2006, ICON Aircraft originated as the brainchild of Kirk Hawkins and Steen Strand, who specialized in building light sport aircraft. Based in Vacaville, California, the founders set out to design and build safe and easy to fly airplanes for recreational flyers.

After five years of rigorous research and development, the company unveiled its debut model, the ICON A5 lightweight amphibious sport airplane. Designed for leisurely flights, the two-seat A5 was adapted for both water and land operations.

The A5 prototype was first presented to the aviation world in 2011, demonstrating impressive features such as retractable landing gear and folding wings. ICON then focused on obtaining certification from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and ramping up production capacity for the A5, which took several years.

After thorough design refinement and flight testing, the A5 has been delivered to customers, and the first deliveries began in 2018. As of 2022, ICON has successfully delivered approximately 100 A5 aircraft to owners and has received additional orders.

ICON’s journey did not end with the introduction of the A5. The company continues to refine the A5 platform and is targeting future models utilizing its expertise in light sport aviation.

Meaning and History

ICON Aircraft Logo History

2006 – 2008

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2008 – 2015

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2015 – today

ICON Aircraft Logo

ICON Aircraft Company is known as the developer of the amphibious sports airplane, designated ICON A5. That is why its emblem depicts an important part of this aircraft – the three-bladed propeller. Its graceful shape symbolizes engineering excellence, and the red color is associated with energy. The first word of the manufacturer’s name is written on the right. It is typed in simple black letters stretched horizontally. The letters “C,” “O,” and “N” have similar outlines, except that the last glyph has one corner.

The combination of the three-bladed propeller and the simple, elongated text creates a balanced visual image. The red propeller serves as a focal point, drawing attention to the brand’s core product. The choice of simple black letters for the company name suggests a non-serious approach to design and production, which is in keeping with the company’s commitment to engineering excellence. The unique angle of the letter “N” gives it a distinctive feel, subtly indicating that the company is committed to deviating from the norm in the pursuit of innovation.