ICP Logo


The ICP logo is clear and high-tech, signifying progress, motion, and innovation. It resonates with the company’s core products and conveys the corporation’s main values.

ICP: Brand overview

Founder:Doug Mattscheck
Andover, Massachusetts, United States

ICP is a private industrial group engaged in various coatings, branding, and packaging materials. It owns 12 manufacturing sites and distribution centers in Asia, South, and North America, employing 500 people. The annual revenue is $700 million.

Meaning and History

ICP Logo History

The modern corporation has managed to expand beyond its home country in just a few years and sells products worldwide. The presence of two logos indicates two main groups and directions: ICP Building Solutions Group (BSG) and ICP Industrial Group (IG). The former is involved in coatings, sealants, insulation, adhesives, etc. The latter focuses on the printing sector and packaging materials. Both emblems are interchangeable and are used in each direction with their signature as needed.

What is ICP?

ICP is a manufacturer of fencing and coatings for roofs, floors, sports fields, and the environment, headquartered in Andover. Audax Private Equity owns the company. It owns about 25 brands and has 33,000 permanent clients worldwide.

2015 – today

ICP Logo 2015

The logo consists of the abbreviation ICP, connected to a square frame. The letters stand for Innovative Chemical Products, as the company uses modern technologies and chemical processes to create coatings.

The green square extends from the letter I, symbolizing a coating or packaging. Smooth, beautiful, and durable. Often, flooring and packaging elements have a square or rectangular shape. The green line seems to be drawn with a laser, hinting at the creation of prints using special equipment. The stripe also indicates a sealant, sealing joints, and seams.

The green color signifies the safety of materials and their lack of impact on the environment—eco-friendly production.

2015 – today

ICP Logo

The BSG brand symbol consists of a unique triangular shape composed of multicolored dots. The composition creates a sense of movement, flow, and distribution. It represents the company’s core values: energy efficiency, eco-friendliness, and modern technologies. Combined, they allow the group to produce in-demand and long-lasting coatings.

The pattern of separate elements conveys the idea of a top-notch product through quality details. The perfect coating includes many components. Compliance with technology, the right raw materials, modern equipment, and competent and passionate workers – all of these factors combined lead to the desired result.

The geometrically precise placement of dots indicates the use of machinery, automation, and calculations necessary in production.

The figure is followed by an inscription. To distinguish the company among dozens of firms named ICP, the full name of the corporation, ICP Building Solutions Group, is added to the logo. However, the last three words are placed below the large abbreviation and written in a small, semi-transparent font. This approach restores the identity’s uniqueness. When the logo is used for the second group, the word “Industrial” appears at the bottom.

In 2023, ICP Industrial was acquired by Stahl, and now BSG and IG belong to different owners, so changes in visual identity can be expected.

Font and Colors

The logo palette includes green, blue, orange, and gray colors.

  • Blue represents the manufacturer as technologically advanced, precise, and thoughtful. Their products always match the dimensions. Production adheres to rules and technical requirements.
  • Green signifies eco-friendliness and safety of the products. They blend perfectly into the natural landscape.
  • Orange conveys technologies that conserve heat and create a cozy atmosphere thanks to ICP coatings.
  • Gray indicates consistency and methodical work.

The font is simple and even, demonstrating the ease of movement on the company’s coatings. Capital letters symbolize the high fences produced by ICP and the global scale of the manufacturer. Extended elements are associated with floor coverings.

ICP color codes

Forest GreenHex color:#44913e
RGB:68 145 62
CMYK:53 0 57 43
Pantone:PMS 347 C
Lapis LazuliHex color:#235f95
RGB:35 95 149
CMYK:77 36 0 42
Pantone:PMS 7691 C
CoquelicotHex color:#f0451b
RGB:240 69 27
CMYK:0 71 89 6
Pantone:PMS 172 C
Davy’s GrayHex color:#575a5c
RGB:87 90 92
CMYK:5 2 0 64
Pantone:PMS 425 C