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The Idaho Vandals logo is fully dedicated to the name of this sports team. The large beige letter “I” symbolizes the state of Idaho, yet it looks solid and stable. The official nickname “Vandals” is written in the center and arched. The sliding line under the word symbolizes the ease with which athletes achieve success.

Idaho Vandals: Brand overview

Moscow, Idaho, U.S.
The Idaho Vandals team represents the University of Idaho in NCAA Division I and competes in the Big Sky Conference. The university’s official colors are gold and silver, as the state is known for its mining enterprises. However, these colors are not reflected in the current sports logo, while old versions used a combination of black and yellow-gold.

Meaning and History

Idaho Vandals Logo History

Almost all “Idaho Vandals” emblems, except for the 1983-1991 version, in one way or another feature a large yellow letter “I,” consisting of three rectangles. This element is taken from the official symbol of the University of Idaho, central to the word trademark.

What is Idaho Vandals?

Idaho Vandals is an athletic department consisting of 16 teams formed by students of the University of Idaho for participation in intercollegiate programs. They represent the university in NCAA Division I, competing as members of the Big Sky Conference.

1966 – 1972

Idaho Vandals logo 1966-1972

The first logo featured the head of a grim bearded man in a gold helmet with “wings” on the sides. This is the very vandal mentioned in the name of the sports teams and recognized as their mascot. In the lower right corner is the letter “I.” Inside it, the word “IDAHO” is written from top to bottom.

1973 – 1982

Idaho Vandals logo 1973-1982

The new emblem is not much different from the previous one. Designers just changed the mood of the character, making him a smiling, good-natured person. The eyes, as before, are closed by the helmet shifted to the forehead.

1983 – 1991

Idaho Vandals logo 1983-1991

In 1983, there was a major redesign. The golden letter “I” was removed from the logo, and two abstract silhouettes replaced the vandal. The background is a profile of a face with a large beard, executed in black. Above it is a white head (obviously female) with a gold stripe, starting where the forehead should be and ending at the back of the head.

1992 – 2003

Idaho Vandals logo 1992-2003

In the early 1990s, the emblem of the sports teams became similar to the university symbol: designers removed both faces and returned the letter “I.” Notably, they kept it gold but outlined it in black and divided it into two parts with the white inscription “VANDALS.” The font of the word imitates handwriting.

2004 – today

Idaho Vandals logo 2004-Present

Stepping into the new millennium, the team from the University of Idaho once again revamped the logo. Changes affected the palette: Metallic Gold replaced yellow gold.

Idaho Vandals Basketball Logo

Idaho Vandals Basketball Logo

The basketball teams of the University of Idaho are quite successful – both the men’s, coached by Zach Claus, and the women’s, led by Jon Newlee. They compete in the Big Sky Conference and play home games at a campus stadium in the Kibbie Dome sports complex. It is planned that soon; the basketball players will move to a new building and be able to play at the Irenaho Central Credit Union Arena.

Idaho Vandals Football Logo

Idaho Vandals Football Logo

The football team had its first season in 1893, making it one of the oldest in the university’s sports program. Now, it is breaking records, winning victories, and constantly changing conferences: there are at least six, not counting independent NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision schools.

Idaho Vandals: Interesting Facts

The Idaho Vandals are a sports team from the University of Idaho. They play in many sports as part of NCAA Division I.

  1. Conference Changes: The Vandals have moved between several sports conferences. They started in the Big Sky Conference in 1963, then moved around a bit, and in 2018, they returned to the Big Sky Conference. This is interesting because they changed from playing in a higher division in football to a lower one.
  2. Kibbie Dome: The football and indoor track teams play in the Kibbie Dome, which was built in 1971 and is unique in design and size. It’s known for its wooden roof and for being good for different sports.
  3. Basketball Tournaments: The men’s basketball team has been in the NCAA tournament a few times, doing well in the 1980s. This was a great time for them, showing they could compete well.
  4. Famous Athletes: Some Vandals have become good professional athletes, especially in football. For example, Jerry Kramer won NFL championships and is in the Hall of Fame, and Mark Schlereth won the Super Bowl a few times.
  5. Women’s Basketball: The women’s basketball team has also been successful, winning many conference championships and playing in the NCAA tournament in the 2010s. This shows that the university supports women’s sports well.
  6. Olympic Athletes: Some Vandals have competed in the Olympics in sports like track and field and swimming. It shows the university helps athletes reach very high levels.
  7. Intramural Sports: Besides the main sports teams, the University of Idaho offers many sports for all students, like soccer and flag football. These activities help ensure students’ health and happiness.
  8. Many Sports Programs: The Vandals have teams in many sports, such as golf, tennis, cross country, and volleyball. This means students and fans have many different sports to enjoy.

The Idaho Vandals are about more than just winning games. They also care about doing well in school, helping the community, and caring for the environment.

Font and Colors

Idaho Vandals Emblem

The distinctive sign of the Idaho Vandals teams is the yellow letter “I,” reflecting the name of the state. It is also present on the university logo, making it a universal symbol for all students. Only in the sports version is the inscription “Vandals” placed opposite the letter “I.”

Idaho Vandals color codes

SandHex color:#b3a369
RGB:179 163 105
CMYK:0 9 41 30
Pantone:PMS 4515 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C