In November, the official presentation of the expanded Zoom service and its new logo will take place

Zoom Logo

On November 8-9, 2022, Zoomtopia will share its vision for future communications. Previously, she has already announced a rebranding and redesign based on expanding the functionality of the old application.

If earlier its product was just a video application, now it is turning into a full-fledged communication platform. In this regard, the developer announced that he is renaming Zoom Chat to Zoom Team Chat. It will include options such as an interactive whiteboard, rooms, phone calls, file sharing, hangouts, chats, and more for successful teamwork.

The company reflected all the introduced innovations in the updated Zoom logo. She listed them in several “O’s.” She labeled each one with the appropriate sign: chat windows, a handset, a screen with two chairs, a video camera, a whiteboard, a conversation bubble, and headphones with a microphone. The depicted elements are colored blue and placed on a white background. The first and last letters are lowercase, with semi-rounded ends.

Zoom New Logo

The new look of the logo is the innovation of the products offered. It indicates that communication between users occurs over many channels and supports collaboration across oceans. The updated identity confirms that Zoom’s modern capabilities allow dispersed teams to consolidate processes and increase efficiency. And the tweaked logo helps them instantly understand what they’re getting on the upgraded platform.

Along with the typography, product name, and icons, the logo’s color palette has been updated. Corporate blue provides good readability. It is quite bright but without neon harshness. This is now Zoom’s main color.