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This family sets the whole world in motion. The Incredibles logo represents kind and super-capable heroes. Their benevolence and humor make it possible not to lose heart in the most difficult situations and always come out victorious in the fight against evil.

Incredibles: Brand overview

Founded:October 24, 2004
Founder:Pixar Animation Studios
United States
The Incredibles media franchise is a series of cartoons about the life of an American family. This is a classic superhero story in which characters atypical for the chosen genre take part: mom, dad, teenage daughter, ten-year-old son, and baby. All of them have superpowers based on stereotyped beliefs. Dad is, as expected of him, super strong. Mom is flexible because she does a lot of things at the same time. The daughter knows how to be invisible because she is an insecure girl. The eldest son has an overabundance of adolescent energy, while the youngest has a huge supply of unmanifest opportunities.

Meaning and History

Incredibles Logo History

The development team has created a whole world where everything is thought out to the smallest detail. They designed a space ideal for living, reproduced each character’s appearance with anatomical precision, and detailed the skin and hair. But the most amazing thing is that before filming Incredibles, many of them had never had to deal with 3D graphics. Not long before that, some of the designers and artists were working on a 2D cartoon – The Iron Giant. Both projects’ authors are the same person – animator, screenwriter, and director Phillip Bradley Bird. At first, he made an unsuccessful debut with The Iron Giant but was later rehabilitated when Pixar signed him a contract to create several animated films.

The Bird had the idea for Incredibles for a long time – back in 1993. He wrote the script before collaborating with Pixar, so he didn’t initially adapt it for 3D animation. So it turned out to be one of the most difficult jobs for the studio, which used to avoid human characters. Bird’s team also did not know how to bring people to life using computer graphics: they were used to 2D and had never dealt with 3D programs. And Bird did not want to compromise and was against taking something out of his story. He asked Pixar’s creative executives to identify the most disaffected and disaffected designers who had failed to reach their potential and allowed them to bring their crazy ideas to life.

What is Incredibles?

Incredibles is an animated film by Pixar Animation Studios, inspired by spy thrillers and retro comics of the 1960s. It was released in 2004 by Walt Disney Pictures. Four years later, its sequel, Incredibles 2, was released. The original plot reveals the story of a family forced to hide their superpowers and pretend to be ordinary people. But circumstances lead them to save the world.

Incredibles is famous not only for the most complex visual effects but also for thoughtful images. Each superhero from the family wears his costume with an “i” on his chest. This symbol eventually became the cartoon’s logo. But where did it come from? According to the plot, all the outfits were created by designer Edna Marie “E” Mode. Phillip Bradley Bird himself voiced this eccentric woman because no one but him could reproduce the Japanese-German accent. And he also designed the appearance of the characters, so he was the one to be a huge contributor to the emblem’s design.

Viewers first saw the iconic “i” logo in 2014, when Incredibles premiered. It looks like a black oval with two orange arcs around the edges. The strip on the left tapers from top to bottom. And its exact copy on the right side is directed in the opposite direction. The yellow “i” in the center consists of a cut-off rectangle and a circle with a white dot inside. Due to the characteristic shape of the elements, it resembles a lighted candle. The title of the cartoon is written at the bottom in grotesque black font. The height of the letters in a word differs: the closer they are to the middle, the lower.

Incredibles: Interesting Facts

“The Incredibles” series, with the original movie in 2004 and its sequel in 2018, are cherished Pixar films known for mixing superhero action, family life, and humor.

  1. Human Focus: “The Incredibles” was Pixar’s first movie centered on human characters, leading to new animation techniques for realistic movements and expressions.
  2. Brad Bird’s Direction: Both movies were directed by Brad Bird, known for “Iron Giant.” They reflect his views on creativity and excellence.
  3. Early Superhero Film: Released before the superhero movie craze, “The Incredibles” showed the potential for superhero stories, even before the Marvel and DC universes exploded in popularity.
  4. Successful Sequel: “Incredibles 2” broke records as the highest-grossing animated film at its release, proving its lasting appeal.
  5. Spy Film Influence: The movies pay homage to 1960s spy films in design, music, and plot, giving them a classic yet modern feel.
  6. Deep Villains: The series features villains with personal reasons against superheroes, adding layers to the story. Syndrome and Screenslaver’s motives touch on themes like idolatry and the impact of technology.
  7. Voice Cast: The cast includes Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, and Samuel L. Jackson, with Brad Bird voicing the unforgettable Edna Mode, the superhero costume designer.
  8. Edna Mode: Inspired by real-life figures like Edith Head, she stands out for her unique personality and design sense, making her a fan favorite.
  9. Animation Progress: “Incredibles 2” showed off advancements in animation, with more detailed visuals and complex action scenes, highlighting Pixar’s ongoing innovation.

The “Incredibles” movies stand out for their blend of superhero and family elements, marked by Pixar’s knack for appealing to audiences of all ages. They’ve left a significant mark on both animation and superhero film genres.

Font and Colors

The Incredibles Emblem

The Incredibles symbol was designed along the lines of superhero insignia because Bradley Bird took inspiration from classic comics. As the ideological inspirer, screenwriter, and director of the cartoon, he deserves the main credit for the design of the logo. The first letter of the title of the media franchise is placed in the same oval as the Batman bat. True, the color of the base is different. In addition, the Incredibles logo has additional elements: two expanding diagonal lines that create a movement effect.

The movie poster featured the same inscription as the logo. The developers used their design for it, and only then Jens R. Ziehn came up with a similar sans serif typeface called The Incredibles. Some letters are made in the Greek style, which is especially noticeable in the zigzag “S,” as well as in the beveled “E,” “L,” and “I.”

Incredibles Symbol

The emblem combines bright “superhero” colors: orange and yellow. They are combined with the classic combination of white and black.

Incredibles color codes

Golden YellowHex color:#fddb22
RGB:253 219 34
CMYK:0 13 87 1
Pantone:PMS 108 C
Neon OrangeHex color:#f15f27
RGB:241 95 39
CMYK:0 61 84 5
Pantone:PMS 1655 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C