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Designers filled the Indiana Jones logo with hidden dynamics to convey the adventurous atmosphere of the films. The emblem is associated with the franchise’s main character and his travels worldwide in search of ancient artifacts and treasures.

Indiana Jones: Brand overview

Founded:1981 – 2023
Founder:George Lucas
United states
The Indiana Jones media franchise includes several films, a television series, video games, and over ten novels. They are all based on the adventures of the ironic and witty archaeology professor Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones. The first film was released in 1981 under the direction of director Steven Spielberg, who wanted to shoot something akin to spy thrillers about James Bond, but ultimately decided to listen to George Lucas’s idea and film a story about an adventurous archaeologist. It was an action-adventure film where Harrison Ford played the lead role. Lucasfilm Ltd owns the franchise.

Meaning and History

Indiana Jones Logo History

The logo includes the inscription “INDIANA JONES” in a recognizable style. This is the name of the franchise’s main character. Initially, he was supposed to be called Indiana Smith, but Steven Spielberg did not like the surname, so he changed it. George Lucas, the ideator of the story about the enthusiast-archaeologist, proposed the current variant. As for the name, it was chosen in honor of a dog named Indiana, which once lived with Lucas and became the prototype for Chewbacca.

The emblem design evokes associations with popular comics and transports viewers to a world of thrilling events, action, and archaeological puzzles. The chosen font makes the brand name more noticeable and dynamic, emphasizing the film’s adventurous nature.

What is Indiana Jones?

Indiana Jones is the name of a fictional archaeology professor and the title of a series of feature films based on his adventures. The franchise also created video games, books, comics, and more. The director of the first four films is Steven Spielberg. The author of the idea is George Lucas, who came up with the original character and his story.

1981 – today

Indiana Jones Logo

The Indiana Jones logo looks like a comic book inscription. This was done specifically to reflect the retro aesthetics and atmosphere of the 1930s, the era in which the first film’s events take place. After all, it was in the late 1930s that the so-called Golden Age of Comic Books began. The emblem design underscores the historical component of the franchise and demonstrates its close connection with pop culture.

The phrase “INDIANA JONES” is written in irregular capital letters, colored in a three-color gradient with shades of orange, yellow, and white. Each casts a wide black shadow, concentrated on the left side. Glyphs vary in size and are arranged in descending order – from the largest to the smallest. Because of this, it seems as if the inscription is receding into the distance. The perspective effect is enhanced by the fact that the letters are placed diagonally – from bottom to top.

The emblem’s dynamism symbolizes action and adventure, as the cult action films about Indiana Jones are full of various events, danger, and energy. The emphasis on cinematic movement makes the films spectacular, so their logo should be the same.

Font and Colors

To give the inscription the desired shape, designers developed an individual set of glyphs with irregular serifs, curved lines, and small recesses. Later, free fonts Adventure (in 2001) and SF Fedora (in 2002) were created based on it. The authors of the first are Neale and Shayna Davidson, and the second – ShyFonts.

The colors of the Indiana Jones logo were chosen according to the palette of sand, stones, and the sun. This is an attempt to evoke associations with archaeological excavations. Bright shades and gradients are used to attract attention.

Indiana Jones color codes

TangeloHex color:#f15a23
RGB:241 90 35
CMYK:0 63 85 5
Pantone:PMS 1655 C
Canary YellowHex color:#fff00d
RGB:255 240 13
CMYK:0 6 95 0
Pantone:PMS 102 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C