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The Indiana State Sycamores logo, which symbolizes belonging to the state, reflects the most common trees in the region in the name. The emblem demonstrates team unity and adherence to traditions with constant development.

Indiana State Sycamores: Brand overview

Founded: 1982
Terre Haute, Indiana, U.S.
Indiana State Sycamores is an integral part of Indiana State University. The sports department of the university has been playing at the Division I NCAA level since 1982. The football team takes part in the Missouri Valley Football Conference and everyone else in the Missouri Valley Conference. They received the nickname Sycamores in honor of the numerous plane trees that grow in large numbers in the Wabash River Valley. But there are rumors that the students simply “leaked” votes when they chose the name: everyone thought that no one would vote for Sycamores.

Meaning and History

Indiana State Sycamores Logo History

The recent update to the Indiana State Sycamores logo showed that they prefer to evolve and modernize their branding while keeping in mind their “vintage” symbols. And in some ways – even adhere to traditions to demonstrate team unity.

This applies, for example, to the map of the state of Indiana, which even after the redesign remained the central element of the emblem, albeit in a slightly modified form. In the same way, the inscription has been preserved – the nickname of the sports department. And although the font is different now and is completely different from that before, the developers have drawn associative parallels between them.

What is Indiana State Sycamores?

Indiana State Sycamores is an athletic department belonging to Indiana State University in Terre Haute. It consists of 15 teams participating in intercollegiate programs. They are members of the Missouri Valley Conference and compete in NCAA Division I, including FCS. They are also part of the MVFC.

1982 – 1987

Indiana State Sycamores Logo 1982-1987

The logo, adopted in 1982, has two parts. The first is the arched word “Sycamores” in handwritten script. The second is a sycamore tree, very similar to a leaf. The pattern has an uneven “texture”: black and white horizontal stripes across it. The inscription is also black and white.

1988 – 2019

Indiana State Sycamores Logo 1988-2019

In 1988, the teams introduced a new emblem that lasted over 30 years. The word “Sycamores” survived but turned bright blue. The leaf tree was replaced by the outline of Indiana’s state, in the lower-left corner of which the artists depicted a white five-pointed star. The result is a map showing the exact geographic location of the Terre Haute.

2020 – today

Indiana State Sycamores Logo 2020-Present

Nearly 32 years later, Indiana State Sycamores felt the logo looked out of place. It was created even before the appearance of modern graphic tools; therefore, it is morally outdated. Moreover, it was impossible to apply it on souvenir products due to a large number of small details, and the font of the inscription was not universal.

Development of the new logo began in 2016 when Sherard Clinkscales took over as ISU Director of Athletics. The Oklahoma company Old Hat was directly involved in the branding. She gave the university a good discount because this logo was the first in her history. The presentation took place in 2020 at Tirey Hall.

Indiana State Sycamores Baseball

Indiana State Sycamores Baseball

The university baseball team has its monogram logo. It consists of intertwined letters “IS” that resembles a dollar sign.

Font and Colors

Indiana State Sycamores Emblem

First of all, the designers changed the shape of the state. Until 2020, the image was detailed, which made it difficult to print. Therefore, the contour was simplified by bringing it closer in shape to a polygon with perfectly straight edges. The star was replaced by the letter “I,” which was supposed to be a reference to Indiana’s name, so many might not recognize this state in its angular geometric shape.

The old inscription is also a thing of the past. The word “SYCAMORES” is now in capital letters with rectangular serifs. The blocky font is also used for the letter “I,” which mimics the Larry Bird era uniform that was popular in the 1970s. Another new badge detail is the accent gray color that complements the official blue and white color scheme.

Indiana State Sycamores color codes

Absolute Zero Hex color: #0142bc
RGB: 1 66 188
CMYK: 99 65 0 26
Pantone: PMS 2728 C
Light Gray Hex color: #d0d0ce
RGB: 208 208 206
CMYK: 0 0 1 18
Pantone: PMS Cool Gray 2 C