Infiniti Unveils its Third-Generation Logo

Infiniti New Logo

Despite being relatively young in automobile brands, Infiniti has experienced two logo transformations since its establishment. This week, the brand unveiled its third-generation logo, marking a new era for the automaker.

In collaboration with renowned Toronto-based designer Bruce Mau, Infiniti introduced an updated logo as part of its rebranding efforts. Rinde, the managing director of Infiniti in Canada, hailed the refreshed emblem as “an enduring symbol of our brand’s horizon-focused and forward-thinking approach.” Though seemingly minor, the changes are designed to attract the viewer’s eye toward the horizon, which is the logo’s primary focal point.

According to Rinde, the updated 3D badge logo may make its debut on the upcoming Infiniti QX80. However, the 2D iteration of the logo has already been adopted across Infiniti’s platforms and communication channels.

Infiniti Logo Evolution

Infiniti Global’s CEO, Sam Xin, explained that the new design emphasizes the endless road’s intersection with the horizon. “By focusing more on the point where the endless road meets the horizon, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to always look to the future and new horizons,” Xin stated. The previous logo versions culminated in a sharp dot, whereas the current version smoothly integrates two flat lines into the backdrop.

Designed for future production vehicles, the new 3D logo embodies dynamics, movement, and strength, according to the brand. At the same time, Infiniti has not yet revealed which models will bear the new logo and when it is expected to appear on the myriad of new cars planned for next summer. The brand also plans to illuminate the new logo on the hoods of forthcoming Infiniti models.

In addition to the logo’s redesigned “endless road” aspect, Infiniti has widened the spacing between the letters. According to the automaker, this visual alteration is intended to accentuate the horizon line. Although the changes are subtle – to the extent that many may overlook the differences – a new logo Infiniti can symbolize the dawn of a new era for a brand. And that is always an exciting prospect to look forward to.