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Infiniti Logo

Infiniti Logo
Infiniti Logo PNG

The Infiniti brand is a project of the Japanese automaker Nissan Motor. The East Asian company established its foothold in the United States during the fuel crisis. Powerful American cars fell out of favor and gave way to more fuel-efficient, lighter cars. When the crisis passed, buying interests changed. Therefore, Nissan had to make urgent decisions in order not to lose its market share. The company began secret development and created a promising new Infiniti car, presented in the luxury segment. This happened in 1989.

Meaning and History

Infiniti Logo History
Evolution of the Infiniti Logo

The brand of premium cars was named Infiniti, which is consonant with another word in the English language – Infinity. The specialists engaged in naming replaced the last letter “y” with “i” to show the brand’s prospects, its desire to go beyond the generally accepted framework. In this case, the original value (“infinity”) was also taken into account. It expressed a desire to produce a line of powerful and stylish cars with promising technical characteristics. This is exactly the model that Nissan engineers developed in 1989. In the same year, the brand was registered, dozens of car dealerships opened across the country, and for the first time, motorists saw the silver oval logo that looked like an inverted Pac-Man.

In preparation for the debut of the Infiniti brand, the parent company has announced a competition for the best logo and slogan for the new project. The winning option was offered by the advertising agency Lippincott Mercer. The creatives created an oval-shaped emblem with an inward angle. Initially, it was assumed that it should symbolize the road that goes into the distance. And the elliptical figure, according to the designers, personified the globe. So they wanted to play with the word “infinity,” literally depicting an endless road.

But right before the presentation, someone pointed out that the upward angle is similar to Fujiyama, Japan’s tallest mountain. The oval, in turn, resembled the setting sun. The logo creators did not abandon this interpretation and used the proposed decoding to win the competition for the best Infiniti branding. Nissan executives were very pleased with the Fujiyama idea, so the Lippincott Mercer emblem was adopted almost unchanged.

The current graphic symbol is stylized as figurines on car radiators. It has a slight metallic luster, which was achieved due to the color difference: the pattern is outlined in dark gray at the edges, and closer to the middle, the shade brightens up to white. Strong lines around the edges create a 3D effect. In the full version, the logo is supplemented with the word “INFINITI.” The trademark name is gray, without outlines. The strokes in all letters are roughly the same thickness. There are no decorative serifs, as well as any roundings, which makes the characters appear rectangular. This strict geometry visually balances the oval element.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Infiniti Emblem

Nissan Motor Company has embodied in the Infiniti brand its love for technology, brightness, and originality. This is reflected in the premium cars and the logo, which looks as sophisticated as all branded products. A sign that is unique in terms of design can be interpreted in many ways. Some see it as the highest mountain in Japan. Others notice an obvious resemblance to a road stretching into the distance. Still, others believe that the angle at the ellipse’s bottom looks like an inverted V (a sign of victory). Regardless of interpretation, the emblem can be seen as a symbol of the pursuit of new horizons. After all, growth and movement forward are the core values โ€‹โ€‹of the car brand.

It is known from official sources that the Infiniti emblem was inspired by an algebraic figure called a lemniscate. This term existed in ancient Greece: the so-called bow, which fastened the wreath of winners in sports competitions. Now the lemniscate is used by mathematicians. It is a curved line in the shape of an infinity symbol.

The brand name is not included in the graphic symbol but is located below the bottom. It is written in a sans-serif typeface that resembles Josef Pro Bold, designed by Ingo Zimmermann. Another similar option is Adrian Frutiger’s Frutiger Next Pro Condensed Bold. All letters have the same stroke width. The word looks minimalistic, which gives it a special charm. Nissan Motor uses a similar font; we are talking about the partial inheritance of logos.

Infiniti Logo Symbol

The color palette also matches: Infiniti, like Nissan, has a metallic tint. The designers have combined gray, silver, and white to create an emblem that emphasizes the high-end styling of the cars.