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The recognizable InStyle logo establishes a strong connection between the brand and its audience. It draws the attention of readers who want to stay on trend and implement innovative ideas into their lives. The emblem underscores a modern view of style and the magazine’s aspiration to be at the forefront of fashion trends.

InStyle: Brand overview

Founded:June 1994
Founder:Dotdash Meredith
New York City, United States
InStyle was created in 1994 as an offshoot of the popular American publication People. It published fashion, show business, travel, entertainment, and home decor articles. Initially, the brand was known only in the U.S., but it expanded to other countries over time. In 2021, the monthly magazine became the property of the media group Dotdash Meredith. The new owner decided not to print the following issues and left only the digital version to save the budget. Since then, InStyle has existed exclusively in a virtual form, attracting its online readership.

Meaning and History

InStyle Logo History

When InStyle was still in print, a new issue with a red logo on the cover was released monthly. It was its title – an elegant inscription, typed in streamlined letters without serifs. The wordmark served as a means of identifying the magazine and made it recognizable among millions of readers worldwide. After 2022, the publication remained digital only. However, its emblem still adorns the first page as a headline.

The logo conveys the InStyle concept. It looks restrained and elegant, reflecting the brand’s pursuit of a high level of aesthetics. The red color symbolizes passion, energy, and strength – qualities that correspond to the dynamism and modernity of the magazine. Previously, it had black elements, creating contrast. But in 2002, the designers made the inscription monochrome.

What is InStyle?

InStyle is an American publication that specializes in the fashion industry and the world of show business. It was launched in 1994 in the U.S. and, over time, acquired a multitude of international versions. In 2021, it was purchased by Dotdash Meredith. The company cut the magazine’s budget and ceased printing new issues. InStyle still exists, but only in a digital format.

1994 – 2002

InStyle Logo 1994

The emblem plays on the InStyle title, which designers visually divided into two parts: black “In” and red “Style.” Each fragment begins with a capital letter, with all the other glyphs being lowercase. Thanks to the color contrast, the inscription attracts more attention and piques interest in the magazine. Smooth letters without serifs give the logo grace and elegance. This typeface reflects fashion, creativity, and beauty – the main criteria of a glossy publication.

2002 – today

InStyle Logo

After the redesign, the black elements were repainted in red, so the brand name became more integrated. The only divider now is the capital “S” – the first letter in the word “Style.” The shape of the inscription hasn’t changed – it still looks graceful. It matches the magazine’s content, specializing in beauty, cosmetics, hairstyles, diets, Hollywood stars, and other popular topics. The logo underlines InStyle’s aim to implement innovative ideas in everyday life, as even after ceasing to be a printed publication, it continues to publish news and articles from the fashion world.

Font and Colors

The magazine’s logo emerged in the 1990s, so typographic solutions inspired its font. It’s Ronsard Crystal Bold, created by Ashley Muir and Steve Jackaman. The letters are characterized by uniform thickness, the absence of serifs, and a slight squashiness.

The red color used in the emblem symbolizes a passionate attitude toward the fashion industry. It has internal energy and strength – an emotional aspect that draws readers’ attention.

InStyle color codes

Fire Engine RedHex color:#d22528
RGB:210 37 40
CMYK:0 82 81 18
Pantone:PMS 485 C