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The International Airlines Group logo resembles a handshake between two friends – British Airways and Iberia. Think of it as a mini airline merger, only cozier. It’s like the feeling you get when you have a five-pound bill and a few euros in the same wallet: different but perfectly matched.

This logo makes you think of English tea over Spanish snacks. It is a symbol that unites two worlds – the chic streets of London and the sun-drenched squares of Madrid. It takes you from the chimes of Big Ben to the flamenco dance without missing a beat. The logo whispers: “Why settle for one place when you can be part of many?”.

International Airlines Group: Brand overview

Founded in 2011, International Airlines Group (IAG) became one of the leaders in the aviation industry through the strategic merger of British Airways and Iberia, two iconic flagship carriers from the UK and Spain. Through this merger, IAG strengthened its position as a multinational conglomerate with a 55% stake in the newly formed company.

British Airways, founded in 1974, has a reputation for first-class luxury services. As the UK’s national airline, it has earned global recognition and remains one of the most renowned airlines in the industry. Similarly, Iberia, founded in 1927 and headquartered in Madrid, has set the standard for superior service and amenities.

IAG has expanded its influence through strategic acquisitions. In 2012, it acquired British Midland Airways Limited (BMI), strengthening British Airways’ market position. In 2015, IAG expanded its reach by acquiring Ireland’s national airline, Aer Lingus, thereby increasing the number of flights and destinations worldwide.

The epitome of experience and dedication, IAG remains at the forefront of providing exceptional service to passengers around the world.

Meaning and History

International Airlines Group Logo History

What is the International Airlines Group?

International Airlines Group, often abbreviated to IAG, is an English-Spanish multinational airline. Incorporated in Madrid, Spain, and headquartered in London, England, this large company dominates the global aviation industry. The company was created in January 2011 through the merger of British Airways and Iberia. British Airways and Iberia, the flagship carriers of the United Kingdom and Spain, respectively, became subsidiaries of the newly formed company.

2011 – today

International Airlines Group Logo

The designers divided the logo into two parts, incorporating both the full and abbreviated company name. On the right side is a three-line inscription, “INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES GROUP” in thin capital letters. The left part of the emblem is occupied by the large abbreviation “IAG.” The negative space inside the letter “A” has the shape of a vertical stabilizer from the tail of the aircraft.

Dividing the emblem into parts gives a balanced visual effect designed for those familiar and unfamiliar with the company’s acronym. The use of thin capital letters for the full name lends elegance and formality. The vertical shape of the stabilizer in the letter “A” successfully combines form and function, subtly emphasizing the company’s industry focus without overcomplicating the design. The inclusion of industry-specific elements in such a minimalist form speaks to the company’s identity and modern approach to branding.