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InterSky: Brand overview

InterSky, an Austrian regional airline, was founded in 2001. It was the brainchild of Rolf Seewald and Renate Moser, two shrewd entrepreneurs. In November 2002, the airline began operating scheduled flights using a fleet of compact turboprop aircraft.

In its early years, InterSky focused on connecting smaller cities in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The company’s strategic hubs were located in Vienna and Salzburg. The fleet consisted of Fokker 50, Saab 2000, and later ATR 72 aircraft, which enabled the airline to operate short regional flights.

By 2010, InterSky had expanded its operations to more than 30 destinations throughout Central Europe. The fleet had grown to about 15 aircraft, and in its heyday, the airline carried about one million passengers per year.

However, on November 5, 2015, InterSky’s story came to a sudden halt: the airline declared bankruptcy and ceased operations. The reason for the collapse was fierce competition, rising costs, and the termination of a crucial partnership. InterSky’s termination left about 350 employees out of work.

After 14 years of operation, this sudden shutdown meant the collapse of one of Austria’s leading regional airlines, a story of ambition and growth that ended sadly.

Meaning and History

InterSky Logo History

2001 – 2015

InterSky Logo

InterSky wanted to create an image of a reliable airline, so its logo depicted a man expressing joy. The man’s arms are raised upward, resembling a check mark, and the head is shaped like a circle. Alternatively, a seascape could be used: a yellow sun peeking between blue waves, hinting at the seasonal flights on the Mediterranean coast. The words “Inter” and “Sky” are different in color (blue and yellow) but in the same bold font.

The dual interpretation of the logo gives it multiple meanings, conveying both the enthusiasm for air travel and the destinations served by the airline. The contrasting blue and yellow colors highlight the two parts of the brand name and evoke a sense of sky and sun, which is in keeping with the airline’s theme. The bold font used for both words emphasizes the straightforwardness and reliability of the company.