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InterSky logo is a distinctive design that played an essential role in the company’s efforts to establish itself as a reliable airline. In the logo, a human figure expressing joy is depicted, with upraised arms looking like a checkmark and a head in the shape of a circle. Simultaneously, this design also represents a seascape with a yellow sun peeking between blue waves, alluding to seasonal flights to the Mediterranean coast. The words “Inter” and “Sky” are differentiated by color (blue and yellow) but share the same bold font.

Design Elements and Symbolism:

  • Human Figure: The abstract representation of a person with arms raised symbolizes enthusiasm, satisfaction, and freedom. It conveys the pleasure and delight of travel.
  • Seascape Imagery: The dual interpretation as a seascape with the sun and waves hint at exotic travel destinations, specifically beach vacations.
  • Colors and Typography: The blue and yellow colors paired with the bold font reflect the sky and the sea, aligning with the air travel theme.

Brand Identity and Values:

  • Reliability: The checkmark-like arms represent approval and satisfaction, reinforcing the airline’s image as trustworthy and dependable.
  • Joy of Travel: The ecstatic human figure emphasizes the company’s commitment to providing enjoyable travel experiences.
  • Connection to Destinations: The seascape imagery connects directly to the airline’s offerings, especially flights to popular coastal regions.

Market Positioning and Audience Appeal:

  • Versatility: The dual interpretation of the image appeals to different audiences, from business travelers valuing reliability to vacationers seeking leisure destinations.
  • Friendly and Inviting: The playful design and vibrant colors make the logo friendly and inviting, enhancing its appeal to families and leisure travelers.

Connection to the Aviation Industry:

  • Sky and Sea Themes: The chosen colors and the name “InterSky” clearly connect to the aviation industry.

Global and Cultural Considerations:

  • Universality: Using simple shapes and universal symbols ensures the logo’s accessibility across diverse cultures and languages.
  • Seasonal Focus: The reference to Mediterranean coastal travel signifies the airline’s focus on seasonal and regional offerings.

Overall Impact and Effectiveness:

  • Cohesiveness: The design elements, from the abstract figure to the color choices, work harmoniously to present a cohesive image.
  • Communication of Core Values: The logo effectively conveys the airline’s values, such as reliability, joy, and connection to specific travel destinations.

By creatively combining human enthusiasm with travel imagery and a bold color scheme, the logo projects a warm, reliable, and exciting image that appeals to many travelers. Whether seen as a joyous traveler or a tantalizing seascape, the logo is an engaging and effective visual anchor for the brand.

InterSky: Brand overview

Founded: 2001 – 5 November 2015
Founder: Renate Moser
Bregenz, Austria

InterSky, an Austrian-based regional airline, came into existence in 2001. It was the brainchild of Rolf Seewald and Renate Moser, two astute entrepreneurs. In November 2002, the airline started its scheduled operations with a fleet of compact turboprop aircraft.

In the early years, InterSky’s operations were concentrated on forging connections between smaller cities across Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Its strategic hubs were located in Vienna and Salzburg. With a fleet consisting of Fokker 50, Saab 2000, and later ATR 72 aircraft, the airline was well-equipped to handle short regional flights.

By 2010, InterSky had broadened its reach to over 30 destinations throughout Central Europe. Its fleet had grown to approximately 15 aircraft, ferrying nearly a million passengers annually at its zenith.

However, InterSky’s story suddenly stopped on November 5, 2015, when the airline declared bankruptcy and ceased operations. The collapse was precipitated by stiff competition, escalating costs, and the end of a crucial partnership. When InterSky closed its operations, it left around 350 employees jobless.

After 14 years in operation, this abrupt closure signified the downfall of one of Austria’s premier regional airlines, a story of ambition and growth culminating in an unfortunate end.

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