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The Ivory Ella logo is charming, cartoonish, and cheerful. The emblem evokes joy and pleasant associations, showing customers that by purchasing clothing from the website, they are contributing to charity and caring for animals.

Ivory Ella: Brand overview

Founded:April 18, 2015
Founder:Ryan Duranso, Jacob Castaldi, Richard Henne, Matthew Fiano, John Allen and Esma Ilyas
Connecticut, United States

Ivory Ella is a unique American online clothing store that operates through social media and embodies the beautiful idea of preserving wildlife. Shopping at Ivory Ella becomes a way to make donations while receiving a stylish wardrobe item as a token of gratitude. The project targets girls and young women aged 13 to 24. Sales volume is around 10 million dollars per year.

In addition, Ivory Ella actively participates in various environmental initiatives, promoting the idea of sustainable development and ethical consumption. Thanks to its popularity, the brand helps raise awareness about environmental issues and wildlife protection, encouraging its customers to make responsible choices when selecting clothing.

Meaning and History

Ivory Ella Logo History

The logo and store name exemplifies a noble business aspiration. The emblem tells the story of Ivory Ella’s mission and has no direct connection to the clothing sold in the outlet. The visual identity is designed to appeal to the target audience. The symbol is intended to evoke positive emotions and stimulate purchases. To achieve this, a touching story is embedded in the symbol, which particularly captivates the hearts of young ladies.

2015-present The emblem depicts the outline of an elephant looking to the right. The store is inspired by the movie “An Apology To Elephants” and the love of a youthful audience for items with elephant images, as noticed by the founders of Ivory Ella. Hence the image on the logo. Most of the clothing sold in the store is adorned with prints of elephants and other animals, which the emblem emphasizes.

The elephant’s turn to the right symbolizes the desire to provide a future for these peaceful giants. A portion of the retailer’s profits is directed to the English organization Save the Elephants, which fights for the preservation of elephant habitats and maintaining their population.

Beneath the image, the name “Ivory Ella” is written in delicate lowercase letters. The store is named after Ella, an elephant from Amboseli National Park in Kenya, home to around 900 wild elephants. It is likely that she is the one depicted on the logo. Ella was a 56-year-old elephant killed by a spear near the park. This was a tragedy, as her baby was left without a mother. In her memory, the store was named so that people would be aware of the problem of elephant poaching and actively participate in the fight against cruelty.

The mention of ivory is related to the store’s efforts to end the ivory trade, which leads to the death of most of these savannah giants.

What is Ivory Ella Logo?

The store was founded in 2015 in Connecticut by five like-minded individuals. It donates 50% of its profits to charity through an organization dedicated to elephant rescue and participates in other projects aimed at preserving wildlife. It sells sportswear online, as well as in two brick-and-mortar stores.

Font and Colors

The logo is presented in two primary colors – black and white.

  • Black symbolizes protection and unwavering determination to follow the chosen path.
  • White is associated with an angelic elephant soaring into the heavens to watch over its kin. This shade reflects the noble intentions, kind ideals, and aspirations of the founders.

The font of the inscription is unique and original, much like the project itself and the nature of Africa to which it is dedicated. The thin, thread-like letters of the name symbolize vanishing animal species and remind us of the deceased elephant. The lowercase letters emphasize that the store’s purpose goes far beyond its own existence. The dot in the letter O makes the symbol resemble an eye, watching the viewer: “What decision will they make after learning about the store? Are they ready to help elephants? Will they open their hearts?” This technique focuses on the responsibility of each individual and calls for awareness.

Ivory Ella color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C