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IZair: Brand overview

IZair, a regional airline based in Izmir, Turkey, first entered the aviation arena in 2005. The airline’s first flights were domestic flights from Izmir to various locations in Turkey. Within a few years, the airline’s growth trajectory had already expanded beyond the country’s borders, extending its services to Europe and the Middle East. Soon, an impressive network of destinations was formed, including cities in Germany, the Netherlands, Greece, Russia, and Lebanon.

To maintain regional connections, IZair maintained a fleet of Embraer regional jets, which was the optimal choice for short routes. In the 2010s, the airline’s fleet reached its peak with around ten airplanes. The airline sought to stand out in the crowded air transportation market by offering passengers more comfortable and convenient conditions compared to low-cost competitors.

However, in the mid-2010s, the airline faced a number of financial problems. Rising costs and an unstable currency situation led to significant financial losses for IZair. As a result, the airline was forced to abandon a number of unprofitable routes and terminate aircraft lease agreements.

As a result, financial difficulties led to IZair ceasing operations in December 2018 after 13 years of operation. During its heyday, IZair was a key player in regional aviation, carrying more than 400,000 passengers annually on its modest but extensive fleet of aircraft based in Izmir.

Meaning and History

IZair Logo History

2005 – 2018

IZair Logo

The IZair logo owes its expressiveness and dynamism to the orange letters “iz.” These letters are formed by clear, relaxed lines and are slightly slanted, which gives the impression of concentrated energy. The bright color is associated with the sunny shores of Turkey, where the company is based. The word “air,” on the contrary, is written in a restrained lowercase font and colored blue – the color of the sky and the sea. The rounded edges of the glyphs convey the idea of safety, comfort, and reliability.

The orange letters “iz” energize the logo and serve as a geographical identifier, emphasizing the Turkish origin of the airline. The contrast between the orange “iz” and the blue “air” effectively balances energy and calmness, reflecting the diverse air travel experience. The rounded edges of the blue letters subtly emphasize the company’s concern for customer well-being.