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The Jackass logo symbolizes the spirit of madness and risk. It is associated with extreme stunts, recklessness, and excitement, which are present in the TV show that gave rise to the franchise of the same name. The emblem is often used on posters, DVD covers, clothing, and other brand merchandise.

Jackass: Brand overview

Founded:2000 – 2002
Founder:Jeff Tremaine, Spike Jonze, Johnny Knoxville
United States
Initially, the name “Jackass” was borne by a TV show where participants performed extreme stunts. Nine friends played pranks on each other and random passers-by, constantly risking their health. The content could include stun guns, pepper sprays, hits, jumps from heights, and other dangerous experiments. The show was aired on MTV from 2000 to 2002. It was discontinued due to the team being paid low wages and due to censorship restrictions. However, its founder and creative inspirer, Johnny Knoxville, along with other actors from the Jackass team, continued the franchise, starring in several feature films.

Meaning and History

An image of a skull with crossed crutches was used in the TV show as a symbol signaling the danger of the stunts. Later, the emblem migrated to movie posters associated with the franchise. Before the appearance of the graphic logo, one could see a simple wordmark on the Jackass show, written against the backdrop of the American flag. And the skull with bones (not crutches) appeared in the bottom right corner of the screen simultaneously with warning inscriptions. This was done so that the program would not be blamed for the deaths and injuries of people who wanted to replicate extreme experiments at home.

The exact development date of the iconic emblem is unknown. It is assumed that it happened after filming the first season of Jackass, during which Johnny Knoxville was injured and spent most of the episodes on crutches. Perhaps this fact served as inspiration, as Johnny dramatically crossed his crutches in the early episodes. The logo is more associated with movies than scandalous TV shows. It appears on the introductory screens, decorates posters, and is often found on souvenir items. Sometimes designers remake it, creating parody versions with beards and hair, 3D glasses, hats, and other accessories.

Once, the Jackass emblem got involved in a real crime story. In 2003, Mexican police detained a car damaged by bullets. Inside were people suspected of murder and more than a dozen black uniforms with an image of a skull and crutches. It later turned out that the drug cartel was illegally using this symbol to mark their clothing and goods. Perhaps this interest in the emblem is due to its appealing and provocative design. The image looks so stylish that many actors have gotten such a tattoo. The TV show’s logo is immortalized on the bodies of Machine Gun Kelly, Rachel Wolfson, Zach Holmes, and Wee Man.

What is Jackass?

Jackass is a franchise based on the eponymous TV show. Its creator is considered to be Johnny Knoxville because he proposed the majority of ideas. The essence of the program was to entertain viewers through extreme stunts and unexpected reactions. Due to its unpredictable and shocking nature, the content was repeatedly criticized. The original show was filmed for MTV and aired from 2000 to 2002. Then other projects associated with the brand appeared: movies and spin-offs.

2000 – 2002

Jackass Logo

The iconic symbol of Jackass was developed by graphic designer Andy Jenkins, who was well acquainted with the show’s director – Jeff Tremaine. Their shared extreme past united them: they participated together in bicycle motocross and engaged in skateboarding. So Jenkins knew firsthand what risk was and could present it as a drawing.

When creating the logo concept, the artist drew from the famous pirate sign – Jolly Roger. The black flag with the image of a human skull and two crossed bones is historically linked to death. When the crews of trade ships saw it on the horizon, they knew they were doomed. Nevertheless, Jolly Roger also has a positive meaning: it expresses love for freedom. This is why the ancient symbol ended up on the emblem of a modern TV show.

  • The skull is a classic sign of danger. Its presence in the logo emphasizes the extraordinary and reckless nature of the brand.
  • Crossed crutches add an element of crude humor and are associated with unpredictable stunts performed by Jackass participants.

The skull on the logo has deep cracks, the lower jaw is missing, and one tooth is knocked out. This hints that the stunts should not be repeated due to their high risk of injury. In turn, the crutches could be a parody of Johnny Knoxville, who was forced to use them in the show’s first season. The white drawing is balanced by the same white inscription: the franchise’s name is placed at the bottom, and it is typed in lowercase for balance.

Font and Colors

The main feature of the Jackass word mark is the Helvetica Bold font. This neo-grotesque font was created by two Swiss typographers: Eduard Hoffmann and Max Miedinger. It is characterized by all strokes ending on vertical or horizontal lines. The letters have both roundings and sharp corners, making them look harmonious. The black and white color of the emblem is a tribute to Jolly Roger. This sign has always been depicted on pirate flags in just such a palette.

Jackass color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C