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Japan Asia Airways: Brand overview

Japan Asia Airways, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan Airlines (JAL), was formed in 1975. Headquartered in Tokyo, the airline began its journey by serving domestic routes within Japan using small propeller aircraft. It later began operating in less-served areas not covered by JAL, using aircraft such as the NAMC YS-11.

The 1980s saw a period of growth for Japanese and Asian airlines as they began to develop international regional destinations, including South Korea, China, and Russia. The 1990s saw a significant modernization, switching from propeller aircraft to Boeing 737 jets to serve a network covering more than 35 regional cities. Japan Asia was at the forefront of establishing air service between Japan and China, being one of the pioneers in offering flights to Shenyang and other major Chinese cities.

By the early 2000s, Japan Asia had seamlessly integrated its operations, including aircraft and route network, with JAL’s mainline flights. After more than three decades of operation, Japan Asia Airways was fully absorbed by JAL in 2008, ending its semi-independent journey.

In its heyday, Japan Asia had about 1,200 employees and a fleet of 25 aircraft dedicated to regional transportation. Its contribution to the development of JAL’s domestic and regional network was invaluable, and it has occupied an important place in Japanese aviation history.

Meaning and History

Japan Asia Airways Logo History

1975 – 2008

Japan Asia Airways Logo

The name of Japan Asia Airways is shortened to three letters: “JAA.” These letters are black, bold, sans-serif. Both letters “A” lack horizontal stripes and look like an inverted “V.” To compensate for this, the creators of the emblem added a long strip, which starts at the bottom and sharply curves upward. This symbol has a double meaning: on the one hand, it reflects the growth of the company, and on the other hand – it symbolizes the taking off the plane. Half of the stripe is painted in a silver gradient, symbolizing the color of metal. The other half is completely red, indicating dynamism.

The bold black lettering “JAA” serves as a direct identifier, making it instantly recognizable. The lack of horizontal stripes in the “A” letters adds uniqueness, while the curved stripe adds meaning and complexity to the overall design. The silver and red colors in the stripe combine with corporate and energetic tones, embodying the versatility of the airline’s identity.