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Jet4you: Brand overview

Jet4you, a budget airline from Casablanca, Morocco, was established in 2006. This airline originated as an extension of the British travel conglomerate TUI Travel PLC. Jet4you’s first flights started in August 2006, and the first destination from Casablanca was Paris.

Gradually, Jet4you began to expand its flights to Morocco and, at the same time, to other countries. These included Western Europe, the Middle East, and West African countries. By 2009, Jet4you had a significant aviation portfolio of five Airbus A320 aircraft and an extensive network of more than 70 routes.

In 2010, Jet4you successfully carried more than 1 million passengers, confirming its position as Morocco’s second most popular airline (Royal Air Maroc holds the top spot). Jet4you’s low-cost business strategy enabled it to significantly expand the air transportation market in Morocco.

However, following the economic downturn in Europe and rising fuel prices, the situation for Jet4you changed. The combination of these factors led to serious financial instability for the airline. As a result, in April 2012, TUI Travel PLC announced the termination of Jet4you’s operations due to several consecutive years of losses. The last flight under the Jet4you flag took place on April 16, 2012. In its heyday, Jet4you was a powerful enterprise with around 500 employees.

Meaning and History

Jet4you Logo History

2006 – 2012

Jet4you Logo

The logo of this Moroccan airline included the address of its website so that customers would know where to book a ticket or read more information about flights. The lettering, “Jet4you.” was bright red, as the designers decided to emphasize the brand name. It was followed by light green letters with the letter “com.” This color brought a note of calmness to the emblem, making it less aggressive. A visually soft font with rounded edges was used for the same purpose.

The inclusion of the website address directly in the emblem fulfills a functional function, directing customers to take immediate action. The color scheme with bright red and light green creates a balance between urgency and calmness, effectively conveying the airline’s approach to customer service. The rounded font further reinforces the sense of reliability and accessibility.