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Jetalliance: Brand overview

Jetalliance was founded in 1996 in Austria as a charter aircraft maintenance and aircraft management company. The founders, Austrians Wolfgang Leitner and Sepp Wilfling were guided by a strategic vision when establishing the company.

In its early years, especially in the late ’90s and early 2000s, Jetalliance saw significant growth as it began operating throughout Europe. The company started providing charter services in various key cities, including Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Zurich, and Moscow. The company primarily catered to the needs of corporations, individuals, sports teams, and even government agencies by providing business jet services.

By the mid-2000s, Jetalliance had an impressive fleet of more than 50 aircraft, making it one of the leaders in the European business aviation sector. The company is particularly recognized for its impeccable safety record and top-notch service. Its clients include such well-known corporations as Siemens, Porsche, and Red Bull.

The year 2008 marked a significant transition for Jetalliance when the company was acquired by luxury goods conglomerate LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. This takeover provided financial backing and resources that helped to further develop the company. As a result, Jetalliance opened new bases in Nice, Cannes, Rome and Naples.

However, in 2013, LVMH exited the business aviation business and sold Jetalliance completely. Subsequently, in October of the same year, Jetalliance ceased operations after 17 years of successful operations. Following the closure of Jetalliance, many of its employees and aircraft found a new home at Zenith Aviation, owned by LVMH.

Meaning and History

Jetalliance Logo History

1996 – 2013

Jetalliance Logo

The inscription “JETALLIANCE” is in italic font with small triangular serifs. The word “JET” is bold, and the word “ALLIANCE” is lighter. The first three letters are colored in blue, the rest – in gray. The name of the company is emphasized by a long blue line, which on the right goes to the monogram “JA.” In fact, this line is a continuation of the letter “J.” At the same time, the “A” is in the shape of the original hinge.

The clear difference in weight between “JET” and “ALLIANCE” creates a sense of hierarchy and emphasizes the different aspects of the brand. The long blue line serves to emphasize and cleverly blends in with the brand’s initials, giving uniqueness and integrity to the entire design. The loop-shaped letter “A” gives the logo an unusual feel, making it memorable and visually intriguing.