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The Jetix logo became a recognizable symbol of the channel, adding elements of play and fun to its image. It embodies energy and activity and is associated with entertaining content. And the bright, youthful design of the emblem attracts the attention of a child audience.

Jetix: Brand overview

Founded:2004 – 2009
Founder:The Walt Disney Company
United States
Jetix appeared in the USA as a programming block on one of the children’s channels. Throughout 2004, the brand developed rapidly – to the extent that it completely replaced Fox Kids. It became an international network of TV channels broadcasting popular cartoons, including its content. Jetix was very successful in America and beyond, but five years after its foundation, it was bought by The Walt Disney Company and closed down.

Meaning and History

Jetix Logo History

When it was necessary to launch a new programming block on Toon Disney, the owning company commissioned the development of the brand to Spark Creative. The studio immediately got to work on the naming and considered several options, including Jetix – a made-up word associated with adventure. It sounded nice, so it was well-liked by children’s focus groups.

The Spark Creative team created the Jetix logo after having decided on the name. The process was led by Elaine Cantwell, who later opened Cantwell & Co. The American company Zoic Studios was responsible for the visual effects. This resulted in the creation of the mascot named Jay – a one-eyed, silver-colored creature with a red outline. On the emblem, he has his original form; that is, he looks like a stylized letter “X” with a ball in the center. The upper ends of the “X” are pointed and resemble ears, which is why Jay is considered a sort of cat. He has neither hands nor legs, but he does have one large black eye, shifted slightly to the left. The mascot can transform into a rocket, submarine, and other objects in commercials. According to the fictional story, Jay was born in 1999. He is clever, intelligent, and positive – an ideal character for a children’s audience.

What is Jetix?

Jetix is a network of children’s television channels broadcast worldwide and available in more than 20 languages. The brand was launched in 2004 and ended up being so successful that by the end of the year, it completely replaced Fox Kids. Its history ended in 2009 when Disney bought Jetix and discontinued it. All channels were converted into Disney Channel or Disney XD.

2004 – 2009

Jetix Logo

As already mentioned, the central place in the Jetix logo is occupied by its mascot. The creature’s face looks like a silver circle with a gradient, which gives it a three-dimensional appearance. The left half of the head depicts a cartoon eye with a large black pupil and a beautifully outlined eyelid. With just one eye, the artists managed to convey Jay’s bold and expressive character. The basis for the circle is a semblance of the letter “X”: only four ends, protruding in different directions, are left here. The upper elements are triangular and resemble sharp cat ears.

The brand name is located at the bottom and is written in capital letters. The designers made it red, as the channel’s target audience is active children who like everything bright and expressive. Thanks to this, the emblem is an embodiment of energy.

Font and Colors

A geometric, square-shaped font was specifically developed for the Jetix logo. It has no serifs, and all lines match the width, making the letters visually balanced. Based on the wordmark, channel fans created a free typeface named Jetix Revived.

The choice of colors for the emblem is determined by how the mascot, Jay, is perceived by the designers. It combines red, white, black, and several shades of gray. The gradient creates a 3D effect, as children love 3D animation.

Jetix color codes

Candy Apple RedHex color:#ff1703
RGB:255 23 3
CMYK:0 91 99 0
Pantone:PMS 1655 C
Neon SilverHex color:#c6c6c5
RGB:198 198 197
CMYK:0 0 1 22
Pantone:PMS 420 C
BlackHex color:#000103
RGB:0 1 3
CMYK:100 67 0 99
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C