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The Jira logo is an example of a focus on results. The visual sign attracts attention with its shape and play of color. Shows a clear focus on the problem and the ability to fix it gracefully—smooth and consistent work to get the ideal.

Jira: Brand overview

Jira Software is a computer-based software suite that helps application developers find defects and track the process of fixing them. The bug tracking system has its website and is owned by the Australian company Atlassian, which offers a range of products for testers and programmers. Jira was launched in 2002, the same time that Atlassian was launched.

Meaning and History

Jira Symbol

The structure of the logo includes a graphic designation and a word symbol of the brand. The name Jira was derived from the Japanese word “Gojira.” And it, in turn, is translated as “Godzilla.” This is the nickname Atlassian employees once gave to the Bugzilla web system they used.

The bug tracker received its current logo in the form of a blue diamond shape relatively recently, after a global redesign of the parent company. The developers have changed the visual identity of all products to make them unified. After all, in addition to Jira Software, there are Opsgenie, Jira Service Management, and Jira Core packages. Together they form the Jira family. There are also other brands – a total of 14.

What is Jira?

This software is designed for project management and direct interaction within their framework. It is designed for groups of users of any size and is used to eliminate errors. The author of the software is the Australian company Atlassian.

The old identity system was based on a mythological character named Atlas, who held the sky. Therefore, Atlassian and the Jira family had a similar logo: two intersecting lines with a small triangle on top. The set of geometric shapes looked like an abstract human with raised hands. The rest of the products also had their symbols, but they stood out from the general concept.

Due to the stylistic inconsistency between the logos and inappropriate connotations, the company owners decided to make the identity coherent. Strategist Leah Pincsak led the process. Typographer James Edmondson was responsible for the wordmark, graphic artist Trace Byrd was responsible for illustration, and branding specialist Angy Che was involved in the design.

The creative team redesigned the Atlassian product logos to remove the legacy Atlas image. This gave the Jira family a completely new look, including individual symbols for all software packages. Now each product has its unique blue badge. Jira Software has a rhombus, Jira Service Management has two semicircles connected by raised sides, Opsgenie has a checkmark with a small circle at the top, and Jira Core has a paper airplane shape.

The Jira Bug Tracker logo cannot be viewed in isolation from other Atlassian graphics because they are related. The development team tried to put a deep meaning in the – common for everyone and at the same time individual for each product. Together, the family logos represent a single brand.

Jira Software’s geometric symbol is based on two triangular brackets. They added thickenings to them and then connected them to make a diamond. It is now a simple emblem with two repeating segments that create a sense of movement. There is momentum, clear vision, and direction in the image. At first glance, an abstract figure does not express the essence of the program in any way. But she does this – hidden, unobvious, and at the level of allegories.

Jira: Interesting Facts

Jira, made by Atlassian, is a key tool for project management and tracking issues. It is widely used by companies, especially for agile development. It started in 2002 and has grown from a basic issue tracker into a robust platform for managing projects, software development, bug tracking, and more.

  1. Name Origins: “Jira” comes from “Gojira,” the Japanese name for Godzilla, chosen to rival Bugzilla, another bug-tracking tool.
  2. Used in Many Fields: Originally for software developers, Jira now helps various industries manage projects, tasks, and workflows, not just in IT but also in finance, marketing, HR, and operations.
  3. Highly Customizable: Jira is known for its customization. Users can adjust workflows, fields, and more to fit their project needs, making it compatible with different project management styles like Scrum and Kanban.
  4. Extensible with Add-ons: The Atlassian Marketplace lets users enhance Jira with plugins for more features, like tool integrations, custom reports, and workflow improvements.
  5. Different Versions for Different Needs: Jira comes in versions like Jira Software for development teams, Jira Work Management for business teams, and Jira Service Management for IT and service desks.
  6. Widely Used: Thousands of companies globally, including 80% of the Fortune 500, use Jira, showing its effectiveness in various settings.
  7. Supports Agile Management: Jira Software is praised for its agile project management tools, offering features essential for Scrum, Kanban, and other agile methods.
  8. Works with Other Atlassian Tools: Jira integrates well with other Atlassian products, such as Confluence, Bitbucket, and Trello, creating a full project management and collaboration ecosystem.
  9. Cloud and On-Premise Options: Jira offers both cloud-based services and self-managed options, meeting the preferences of different businesses.
  10. Keeps Getting Better: Atlassian frequently updates Jira with new features and improvements, keeping it up-to-date with user needs and industry trends.

Jira has evolved into a crucial tool for project management and issue tracking, adaptable across many industries. Its broad range of features and extensions makes it essential for teams looking to improve their workflows and productivity.

Font and Colors

Jira Emblem

James Edmondson, who was in charge of typography, played one of the team’s most important roles. He had to make all brands consistent because the old Klavika typeface looked bad when downsized and had long since ceased to be associated with Atlassian products.

The specialist has developed a custom font Charlie Sans – a whimsical and upbeat sans serif with smooth lines and curves to solve this problem. It is he who is now used for the inscription “Jira Software.” The logo doesn’t show this, but the typeface contains an uppercase “A” with a thin border, which is a nod to the old Atlas emblem. By the way, she was also unofficially called Charlie.

The graphic element is colored in a soothing blue, and the name of the software package is in neutral gray. If the background is dark, brand owners allow a white version.

Jira color codes

Catalina BlueHex color:#243858
RGB:36 56 88
CMYK:59 36 0 65
Pantone:PMS 534 C
Dodger BlueHex color:#2482fd
RGB:36 130 253
CMYK:86 49 0 1
Pantone:PMS 2727 C
Navy BlueHex color:#0e65e0
RGB:14 101 224
CMYK:94 55 0 12
Pantone:PMS 2728 C

What does Jira stand for?

In this case, Jira is not an abbreviation – it is an ending from the word Gojira, which means Godzilla in Japanese. The idea stems from one of Atlassian’s software tools called Bugzilla.

Who created Jira?

This program was developed by the Australian company Atlassian, created by Michael Cannon-Brookes and Scott Farquhar. They developed the product themselves using their funds.

Can I use Jira logo?

Anyone can use the Jira logo, but only to identify Atlassian products and to popularize the brand. The use of the emblem is possible without the written consent of the owners, provided that its identity is preserved. Corrections are prohibited.

What is Jira application?

Jira app is a multitasking utility for project management, problem identification, history, and bug tracking. It is a handy tool for use in teams.