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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure logo combines the style and quirkiness of the manga character. In the emblem, kindness and youth border on the dark sides of the soul. One and the other must be balanced so that a pattern of true character emerges.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Brand overview

Founded: January 1, 1987 – present
Founder: Hirohiko Araki
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is a Japanese franchise that first appeared in 1987 as a manga. At the time, it was published by Shueisha publishing house in its magazines, and by 2012 it had become the longest-running print series, compiled in 130 tancobongs. The artist Hirohiko Araki wrote the concept, drawings, and text. In 1993, APPP studio made an anime based on the third part of the comic book. It lasted until 2002. In 1998 the first video game was launched. Then a movie was released for cinemas (in 2007). A little later (in 2012), a TV series was released. In 2017, an action film was made.

Meaning and History

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Logo History

In general, the comic book consists of nine storylines, telling about a character named JoJo. Today, it is widely known for its sophisticated art style, so it is very much in demand. By 2021, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure was a media franchise and the top-selling manga in the history of manga sales. It is licensed in North America by Viz Media, which has created several English-language anime series since 2005. They are united not only by common characters but also by a stylish visual identity mark. There are a total of five English-language versions.

1993 – 2011

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (anime) Logo 1993

The debut logo consists of the full name of the franchise placed against a background of black, gray, and white shadows rendered with chaotic strokes and gradient transitions. The largest part is the first. The word “JoJo’s” is typed in a purple serif font. It takes up all the space of the horizontal rectangle, almost reaching the edges. Under it is the phrase “Bizarre Adventure,” aligned with the length of the top line. The bottom inscription is colored dark red and typed in classic uppercase letters. In “JoJo’s,” on the other hand, they are individual, with the serifs lengthened at the top that act as rungs.

2012 – 2018

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (anime) Logo 2012

In 2012, designers tweaked the English-language logo to match the Japanese version. So it has a bold “JoJo’s” lettering with a pink gradient and an enlarged first “J.” The curved part at the bottom goes slightly to the left, reminiscent of a hockey stick. It’s so big that it takes up the bottom two rows where the rest of the franchise name is placed. The words “Bizarre” and “Adventure” are colored red and outlined with a double border. The inscriptions in the second and third rows are converted to lower case (except for the first characters). The letters are so closely spaced that they have almost no intervals. The upper text is decorated with black shadows.

2014 – 2015

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (anime) Logo 2014

After the redesign, the English version of the logo got an additional inscription, “Stardust Crusades.” It is located at the bottom, under the main elements, and is painted in gray with a gradient for contrast. On the right side of the letters, there are dark shadows. The font is bold, elongated, sans serif, with a slight slant to the right. The rest of the details remain the same.


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (anime) Logo 2016

With the release of “Diamond Is Unbreakable,” the logo has been modified again. The designers removed the previous name and added a new one in a similar style. No other changes followed.

2018 – today

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Logo

The changes that took place in 2018 are very symbolic because the logo has become drastically different. According to the new anime concept, the word “JoJo’s” has been made the centerpiece. Now it is a text and a graphic part, as the second “O” has a solid black fill with a “cut out” fuchsia-colored sign. However, it is not just an abstract geometric figure but a frightening open-mouth pumpkin, like the ones used in Halloween. It also resembles a ladybug with a heart on a thin stalk instead of dots, or rather the symbol of a spade from a playing card. All the letters are capitalized and are the same height. Below them is the full name with the added phrase “Golden Wind.” The line seems to be pierced with a black arrow.

Font and Colors

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Emblem

The English version of the logo is the same style as the Japanese one. The only difference between them is the letters corresponding to the language of the country the media franchise products are designed for. The earlier versions of the logo are monotonous, while the current one is colorful and multi-semantic.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Symbol

The text is typed in a bold and smooth serif typeface in the updated logo, reminiscent of Mireille Medium and Pradell Bold fonts with modified outlines. The color scheme at all times consisted of gradient transitions of light pink shades. Then neon fuchsia appeared, adding brightness, magic, and mystery to the emblem.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure color codes

Rose Hex color: #ff0080
RGB: 255 0 128
CMYK: 0 100 50
Pantone: PMS 213 C
Blue Black Hex color: #130033
RGB: 19 0 51
CMYK: 63 100 0 80
Pantone: PMS 2765 C