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The image on the emblem makes it clear: the viewer will have to deal with ancient animals. They seem to appear alive on the screen, emerging from the shadows of the past. The Jurassic World logo is an example of the combination of science fiction and science that guarantees the film’s spectacle.

Jurassic World: Brand overview

Founder:Universal Pictures
United States
Jurassic World is an American-made science fiction film. It is the first part of the trilogy of the same name and the fourth film of the Jurassic Park franchise, telling the events that took place 22 years after the original plot. According to the script, co-written by Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa, the action takes place on the fictional island of Nublar. Colin Trevorrow directs the action film. The year of its release is 2015.

Meaning and History

Jurassic World Logo History

Filming on location took a short time, a third of the spring and summer of 2014. They took place mainly in Hawaii and Louisiana. The main “characters” (dinosaurs) were created at Industrial Light & Magic Studio using innovative computer technology and Legacy Effects animatronics software, which uses life-size images. The final process was completed in the spring of 2015, and the film was shown in the United States in the summer.

The novelty received critical acclaim and positive reviews among audiences, lifting it to third place on the list of highest-grossing films of all time. It brought its creators $1.6 billion. Moreover, this movie became the most profitable among the other projects of the thematic franchise, which includes three parts. The second film (sequel) was released in 2018, and the third is scheduled for 2022.

The 2015 film is about cloning ancient dinosaurs that once inhabited the planet. The center is located on an isolated island, where it has been in operation for many years. But after the Mitchell brothers arrive to visit their aunt at work (in the script, she is the operator-manager), chaos reigns in the park because of an escaped specimen. Released from its cage, the deadly dinosaur goes on a rampage amidst a secret conspiracy of employees. Confusion, fear, and terror are all reflected in the original logo, serving as the title credits.

Jurassic World Symbol

The developer of the very first version, to which all others refer, is Chip Kidd. To get an accurate picture of the unseen prehistoric creature, he first visited the Museum of Natural History. Then the designer bought a book about dinosaurs and copied the outlines of Tyrannosaurus Rex with tracing paper. That’s how the iconic emblem appeared, now familiar to the world.

Then Sandy Collora refined the Jurassic World visual identity mark. She made the skeleton more explicit by lengthening and refining the bones. The artist also surrounded the dinosaur with a ring, placed text on top of it with the franchise’s name, and added a palm grove at the bottom.

The 2015 version of the logo has all of these elements, as it is based on the original 1993 version. In this case, it has been modernized and adapted to modern times. The key accent in it is placed on the cold texture – stone with metallization elements. The dangerous animal protrudes slightly above the inner surface of the circle, as it is made three-dimensional. It moves in the night darkness with its mouth wide open, and it reeks of deadly menace. This is emphasized by the gray gradient shadows from ash to graphite.

The lettering adds to the drama as each letter casts a dark shadow downward. The name also looks convex: the symbols seem to be raised above the horizontal rectangle on which they are placed. The text is typed in uppercase, off-white font. All letters have a thin stripe in the middle.

Font and Colors

Jurassic World Emblem

Despite the redesign of the emblem, the lettering style has not been touched – it remains the same as it was in the beginning. The original typeface was used back in the Michael Crichton book. Doug Olena (an assistant professor at Evangel University) used it to create an improved font to match the film’s mood.

The signature palette consists of cold tones to evoke a sense of creepy horror in the audience. In the 2015 logo, the predominant color is gray in a wide palette of shades: chrome, ash, metallic, silver, graphite, quartz, charcoal, marengo, nickel, and others.

Jurassic World color codes

Light GrayHex color:#d3d4d7
RGB:211 212 215
CMYK:2 1 0 16
Pantone:PMS 427 C
Rich BlackHex color:#101d28
RGB:16 29 40
CMYK:60 28 0 84
Pantone:PMS 296 C