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The playful and humorous Justice logo is designed to attract the attention of a potential customer base – girls up to 12 years old. After all, kids react to colorfulness, uniqueness, and brightness. The emblem is tailored to a specific age group thanks to its smooth lines, soft curves, and unique childlike style.

Justice: Brand overview

Founder:Bluestar Alliance LLC
New Albany, Ohio, U.S.
Justice is an online store for girls aged 6-12 years. Previously, it was a real chain of retail enterprises, but recently the brand moved to e-commerce; hence all retail outlets were closed. From its inception until 2004, it was called Limited Too; then, it changed its name. The actual time of its emergence was 1987. The current owner is Bluestar Alliance LLC.

Meaning and History

Justice Logo History

The Justice logo evolved with the store, so at each pivotal stage, it looked different. The style change was so radical that the previous sign always drastically differed from the subsequent one. For instance, the Tween Brands corporation created a store for girls and teenagers, transforming it into a large-scale empire with more than 1,000 retail outlets (as of 2016). But after the transition to Bluestar Alliance LLC, the format changed because the new owner decided to convert the store to an online format. Naturally, its visual identity was also restructured.

The modernization affected all aspects of the emblem – from stylistic to conceptual. This measure was needed so that the store could attract many customers in a small format. To achieve this, designers used typographic and graphic techniques that act on the subconscious and immediately inform others of their purpose. The transformation affected, first and foremost, the font and color.

What is Justice?

Justice is an American online store where clothing and accessories for girls aged 6-12 are sold. It was launched in this format in 2016. Although the official emergence of the brand was in 2004, in reality, it originated much earlier – in 1987. It was a large commercial network with a different name, which included several hundred points of sale. The headquarters has always been in New Albany, Ohio.

1987 – 1996

Justice Logo 1987

This was a sign showing that this was The Limited Too store. It was two-tiered.

  • The inscription in the first line was made up of uppercase letters in white with a thin black stripe in the middle. The background was black for contrast. Serifs were absent. The inter-letter space was wide, so the glyphs were very free. They were geometric.
  • The second row was occupied by the short word “too,” written in lowercase in a handwritten font. It was colored orange and was located under the uppercase “T” and “E.” It had a strong left tilt, making the line look diagonal. The small letter “t” had a non-standard shape and looked like a plus sign (+).

1996 – 2009

Justice Logo 1996

The particle “The” disappeared from the logo, so the inscription became single-level. In it, uppercase letters alternated with lowercase letters, making them appear to bounce. The style of the emblem was childlike, friendly, cheerful, and tuned to positivity. This was confirmed by a single flower, which separated the words. It seemed as if it was drawn by a small child, had wide petals, and perfectly complemented the thin glyphs. The delicate pink color made it genuinely girly.

2009 – today

Justice Logo

After rebranding with the name change from Limited Too to Justice, the company got a new logo. It is also childlike, joyful, and cute but more sparkling. The powdery pink transformed into neon pink, adding even more brightness to the emblem. The online store owners abandoned printed letters, choosing a harmonious variant – a font imitating the handwritten style as if the inscription was made by a child’s hand.

Each glyph in the emblem is unique. But there is one common feature: they all have a puffed form. In particular, they have wide lines with rounded ends. There are practically no external angles – only internal ones, and even then, infrequently. The inscription is placed like a hill – more precisely, a wave, as the middle part of the text is raised, and the edges are lowered. The place of the classic dot over the “i” is occupied by a miniature blue heart with five teardrop strokes at the top.

Fonts and Colors

Justice Emblem

The Justice logo is text-based, so the writing style is given primary attention. Depending on the year of the emblem’s appearance, fonts vary greatly in design. For a long time, letters were geometric, with strict lines and even edges. Then there was a transition to a childlike design with a prevalence of jumping glyphs of individual design.

The lightness of typography is enhanced by color. For this, girly colors were chosen: pink hues from pastel to neon. A soft shade of blue harmoniously complements bright fuchsia.

Justice Symbol

Justice color codes

Deep CeriseHex color:#ec008c
RGB:236 0 140
CMYK:0 100 41 7
Pantone:PMS 806 C
Spanish Sky BlueHex color:#00afef
RGB:0 175 239
CMYK:100 27 0 6
Pantone:PMS 801 C