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The knowledge that can be gleaned during the game is the main theme of the emblem. The Kahoot logo is based on the idea of easy and free learning, available to users from different countries. Getting to know the platform is like a discovery that turns the idea of education upside down.

Kahoot: Brand overview

Founded:March 2013
Founder:Johan Brand, Jamie Brooker, and Morten Versvik
Kahoot! – is a game-based learning program that is used as a type of educational technique. It consists of a series of multiple-choice quizzes and can be accessed through the app or web browser of the same name. Its developers are Jamie Brooker, Johan Brand, Morten Versvik, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. They presented the final version in the fall of 2013. This alternative way of learning is widespread and exists in several languages: Italian, Spanish, Dutch, English, Norwegian, French, and Portuguese.

Meaning and History

Kahoot Logo History

At first, a group of three people worked on creating unusual learning technology. They came up with the idea in 2012, and that’s when they got down to work. Then they were joined by Alf Inge Wang, a professor, and Asmund Furuseth, a Norwegian businessman who funded the project. A test launch of the startup took place in the spring of 2013. The beta version worked on SXSWedu. The tests were successful, and in the fall of the same year, the authors made the final release of Kahoot.

The concept of quizzes is based on testing the material learned in game form, which has greatly improved the results among students and pupils compared to paper forms of knowledge survey. And the presenter (teacher) can choose the most convenient option since the program involves several forms of testing, up to an independent compilation of questions and answers.

After several implemented improvements, Kahoot! now available on multiple platforms: standard PC web browsers and mobile device web interfaces. In 2017, a homework app appeared. This form of learning is developing and expanding, becoming mega-popular. As of 2020, the platform’s value was estimated at 1.5 billion dollars. And in 2021, its owners announced the purchase of another digital learning program for 500 million dollars – SSO Clever, Inc.

The symbolism of the application exactly conveys its game character, which also affects the demand because students and pupils perceive the utility not as an academic methodology but as a simple quiz. The logo from the beginning contained only the text part and has never been modified, remaining the same as at the time of the official launch.

Kahoot: Interesting Facts

Kahoot! has changed how people learn and have fun with quizzes, making education interactive and enjoyable.

  1. How It Started: In 2013, Johan Brand, Jamie Brooker, and Morten Versvik, collaborating with the Norwegian University of Technology and Science, launched Kahoot! to make learning accessible and fun for everyone.
  2. What It Does: Kahoot! is a platform for game-based learning, letting users quickly create quizzes and games that make education engaging.
  3. Worldwide Use: People in over 200 countries use Kahoot! It shows its wide appeal for schooling, business training, and even at parties.
  4. Who Uses It: Millions of teachers, students, and professionals use Kahoot!, proving its effectiveness as a learning tool.
  5. Creating and Sharing: Users can create their own Kahoot! Games and share them, contributing to a vast library of quizzes on various topics.
  6. Flexible and Easy to Use: Kahoot! is suitable for school meetings, conferences, and social events, and it is easy to play on any device.
  7. Built on Research: Kahoot!’s design is based on educational research, ensuring fun and a solid way to learn and remember information.
  8. New Features: Kahoot! It keeps growing, adding options like Jumble, Polls, and Puzzles to let creators make various interactive activities.
  9. Works with Other Tools: It integrates with platforms like Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom, making it even more useful for education.
  10. Engagement and Feedback: Kahoot! Encourages competition with real-time scoring and provides detailed feedback on participants’ performance, helping educators and trainers improve their future quizzes.
  11. Growth and Recognition: The company went public in 2020, reflecting its success and the growing interest in educational technology.

Kahoot!’s blend of technology, fun, and education has made it a key tool in learning. With ongoing innovation, it looks set to keep making a big impact in the edtech world.

Font and Colors

Kahoot! Emblem

Only the word designation was used in the logo. It is the name of the training and testing program. It is in a custom font and on one line. The letters in the word “Kahoot” are different – there is not a single similar character. Even the two “o’s” are not the same shape. The symbols are made up of wide careless lines, which is why they seem to “jump.” This is the main idea of the application: each test subject has his point of view on the question. A common platform unites these kinds of personal answers. Hence the different sizes of the letters.

In addition, the signs are not the same height. The longest is the outermost “K” and “t.” They go beyond the borders of the name. The shortest is the two “o’s” placed in the middle. The lower limit of the “h” is also shortened, but its upper part, on the contrary, is higher than the other characters. Overall, the letters look like they are made up of different geometric shapes. As a form of assertion, an exclamation mark at the end of the name attracts attention and a call to action. It looks like an inverted narrow triangle, and the dot below it looks like a pentagon. The word “Kahoot!” has no frame or background. But there is an icon in the form of a single “K,” complete with an exclamation mark.

Kahoot Symbol

For the logo, the program creators have chosen a custom typeface developed based on the Montserrat font. The main color of the logo is purple #46178f. No less saturated tones of another palette are used for the buttons and entourage.

Kahoot color codes

IndigoHex color:#46178f
RGB:70 23 143
CMYK:51 84 0 44
Pantone:PMS Medium Purple C