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Kayak Logo

Kayak Logo
Kayak Logo PNG

Kayak is an international travel agency and searches service that uses multiple platforms (Hotels Combined, Checkfelix, Swoodoo, Mundi). The company was founded in January 2004 by two businessmen – Steve Hafner and Paul M. English. It is now managed by Booking Holdings, which it owns. Travel Management is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut.

Meaning and History

Kayak Logo History
Evolution of the Kayak Logo

At first, the travel company had a different name: it was founded as Travel Search Company, Inc. Six months later, it was renamed Kayak Software Corporation (in August 2004), but after the name was shortened to one word. In February 2005, the new service received its website and then a mobile application. Currently, they are used in 30 countries around the world. They are available in 18 languages, so the corporate logo is well known in Europe, India, Mexico, Russia, Japan, New Zealand, and other countries.

The online travel service’s growth accelerated in 2007 when it received $ 196 million from a group of investors to buy competitor SideStep. Several more lucrative acquisitions followed, including the German search engine Swoodoo. In 2011, the Kayak management completely closed the SideStep site and transferred traffic to its own resource

In May 2013, (now Booking Holdings) took over the online travel service: she bought it for $ 2.1 billion. The biggest changes, of course, were reflected in the service’s identity. For all the time, he has two emblems, almost identical to each other.

2004 – 2017

Kayak Logo 2004-2017

The debut logo was presented in the year the service was launched, as it badly needed a visual identification mark. This role was taken over by the “Kayak” inscription, made in the form of a tabular inscription, such as are found at the airport. The name of the travel agency is located on a line and consists of single letters. Each symbol takes place on a separate bar, crossed out in the middle by a barely noticeable, thin stripe. Therefore, looking at the first logo, it seems that the letters on it are about to start changing. The background is made in the form of a vertical orange rectangle. The text is written in printed characters – strict, even, chopped. The corners of geometric shapes are rounded.

2017 – present

Kayak Logo 2017-present

The logo’s redesign did not bring significant changes because the initial concept turned out to be very successful. The developers removed the thin gray line running along with the entire word and changed the font to a more compact one. Now the inscription “Kayak” is made in straight, smooth letters with the usual sharp edges. The characters themselves are standard and bold, in the upper case. Another change has been made to the background rectangles. The designers have reduced them, turning them into squares, so the logo looks like a set of children’s alphabet blocks.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Kayak Emblem

Apart from minor changes that did not affect the picture’s visual perception and its basic concept, the logo has hardly evolved. It always featured orange geometric shapes with white lettering. Each letter in the word “Kayak” has its individual space.

For the logo, the authors chose a typeface identical to Noveo Sans Black by FontSite Inc. This font is in use now. It was previously elongated, but it also belonged to the Sans Serif category; it was grotesque.

Kayak Symbol

The color palette is the most important component of the logo. It transmits the energy directed by the travel agency to find new paths to the cherished goal. The squares are orange (soft # ff6907), the letters are white. United in one space, these two colors represent movement and reliability.