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The Kentucky Wildcats logo is the personification of bestial strength and unrestraint, the fury of attacks, and the ability to withstand rivals. The emblem is an undisguised concentration of strength and energy, frightening the enemy and leading athletes to victory.

Kentucky Wildcats: Brand overview

Lexington, Kentucky, United States

The Kentucky Wildcats is a sports club at the University of Kentucky with 20 teams in 12 sports. The Kentucky Wildcats logo is nationally known for the university’s basketball players.

The club’s history began in the 1890s with football matches. Now there are men’s and women’s teams in 12 sports, except for volleyball. The most famous basketball team. She is an 8-time NCAA champion and the all-time leader in meeting wins. The team house, completed in 1976, was named after coach Adolph Rupp, who coached basketball players for 40 years. With him, the Wildcats scored 876 wins.

Meaning and History

Kentucky Wildcats Logo History

The national team’s logo has been changed three times to reflect the full connection with the university.

What is Kentucky Wildcats?

The University of Kentucky team consists of athletes in football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, swimming, track and field, softball, golf, tennis, cross country, and volleyball.

1973 – 1986

Kentucky Wildcats Logo 1973

The Wildcats logo is inextricably linked to the team name. Initially, this was an assessment of the game of athletes on the field: “They fought like wild cats,” said the head of the university department. It sounded in 1909. Gradually, the assertiveness and bestial strength of the athletes turned into an official name.

Therefore, the first logo has an image of a lynx. The emblem is very realistic. Demonstrates the animal in a jump during the attack on prey. The image is very aggressive and wild, with fangs and extended claws. Its main task is to cause fear in opponents only when looking at the emblem.

The image conveys pressure, strength, the will to win, and the message that the players never give up. They are only interested in winning.

The shaded pale blue coloring adds a sense of mist, stealth, and surprise attack. Shows that opponents should expect defeat at any moment. University players know how to wait and choose the most unexpected moment to launch counterattacks.

From the coloring of the lynx, apparently, the main nickname of the team’s fans, Big Blue Nation, also went.

1986 – 2005

Kentucky Wildcats Logo 1986

Three varieties of lynx are considered the mascots of the Kentucky Wildcats. The first is a real animal lynx. The second is a cartoon, Scratch, for children’s fans. The third is costumed (in which one of the students has been dressing up since 1976). The first cat in disguise was Gary Tanner.

The second team logo looks more like a cartoon lynx. However, still aggressive and wild. She is located behind the university abbreviation and tries to reach anyone who comes too close with her paw.

This version of the visual sign showed the connection of the national team with the university. The animal is ready to show all its power and animal essence, representing the interests of the University of Kentucky.

2005 – 2016

Kentucky Wildcats Logo 2005

In 2005, the image of the lynx disappeared from the team logo, and the visual sign repeated the university’s emblem, consisting of two capital letters of the name: U and K. The elements intertwined with each other, like wrestlers in sparring. The image demonstrates the ideal sports capture and the close relationship of the institution with the sports teams.

2016 – today

Kentucky Wildcats Logo

The 2016 logo change is minor. This font change made the abbreviation more compact and removed gaps between letters. The sign demonstrates the unity of the national team, mutual support, and team spirit.

There are alternate versions of the common sign for each sport. Changes are associated with using only the head of an animal or the addition of sports equipment to the main emblem.

Font and Colors

Kentucky Wildcats Symbol

The primary color of the Kentucky Wildcats is blue. He personifies hard work, physical exercise, and enhanced training. To achieve results, athletes are ready to train with full dedication.

The additional color of the logo is white. Indicates the youth of the athletes—first steps in the world of big sport.

Kentucky Wildcats color codes

Dark Powder BlueHex color:#0133a0
RGB:1 51 160
CMYK:99 68 0 37
Pantone:PMS Dark Blue C