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The Kick logo doesn’t contain any obvious symbols, but its original shape and bright colors convey that the service is related to computer games. Although the emblem consists of several simple elements, it is still associated with fun times spent on the Internet.

Kick: Brand overview

Kick is considered a counterpart to Twitch, but unlike Twitch, it allows streaming of gambling games. This is because the service is linked to the cryptocurrency online casino, co-founded by Ashwood Holdings – a company that owns Easygo Entertainment. Easygo, in turn, manages Kick Streaming. Another difference from Twitch is Kick’s small commission fee – only 5%. The remaining 95% of the revenue is paid to content creators, attracting many experienced streamers to the new platform.

Meaning and History

Kick Logo History

Very little is known about the history of Kick’s creation and why its founders chose such a name. The word is associated with the start of something new, making it an excellent fit for a startup. It also emphasizes the dynamism of the streaming service, where gamers broadcast their gameplay. The short and humorous name allows the platform to appeal to a younger audience who value informal approaches to brands. The Kick logo is also designed in a gaming style: it’s very bright and exaggeratedly bold, and its design resembles Minecraft graphics.

What is Kick?

Kick is a service that offers streaming broadcasting. Gamers use it to watch others play games or to broadcast their own gameplay. The platform is managed by Kick Streaming Pty Ltd and was registered in December 2022. In turn, it is owned by Easygo Entertainment Pty Ltd, established in November of the same year and linked to the online casino

2022 – today

Kick Logo

The wordmark contains the service’s name in neon-green color. The designers stylized it with old pixel graphics, adding a small square ornament around the edges of the letters. This hints that the platform’s main audience is gamers: they watch other users play games and upload their own content.

Each element of the emblem resembles an individual building block. Ultimately, they are meant to form a sturdy and reliable structure, indicative of the service’s high functionality. The logo’s design evokes nostalgia for the era when computer games were just emerging, yet it also looks futuristic and modern.

Font and Colors

Kick Emblem

For the Kick emblem, a unique set of glyphs with a distinct “pixel” shape was created. Later, streaming fans developed unofficial fonts based on this, where the edges of the letters are decorated with small squares.

Kick Symbol

Neon green is associated with progress, thus highlighting the innovative nature of the streaming service. It is also frequently used in the gaming community as it relates to the digital world and cyberspace. This shade can be seen in the logos of NVIDIA, Razer, and other technology companies.