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The Kids WB logo is full of childhood, bright colors, dreams, and joy. The emblem transports the viewer to a world of fantasy and protects the hearts and minds of children from early maturity. The sign indicates the child-oriented content of the channel.

Kids WB: Brand overview

Founded:September 9, 1995
United States

Kids WB is an American children’s programming brand sold in 2008 to 4Kids Entertainment and replaced by CW4Kids (Toonzai (2010), Vortexx (2012), and One Magnificent Morning (since 2014)). It was broadcast for 1 hour in the morning and 2-3 hours in the afternoon on weekdays and Saturdays. The Kids WB logo represents about 35 animated series.

The programming block and the network that created it, The WB, no longer exist. However, the network was disbanded two years earlier, in 2006, after 11 years of broadcasting. The brand changed hands and was resold several times before leaving the air. Since its closure on television, it has transitioned to an online format, where it exists with various changes to this day.

Meaning and History

Kids WB Logo History

The logo of the block changed several times during its development. However, in all versions, the programs’ affiliation with a well-known film company can be traced.

What is Kids WB?

Kids WB is a children’s programming block of The WB network, which released such hits as “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Smallville,” and “Supernatural.” The block began in 1995 and closed for TV in 2008, transitioning to an online space.

1995 – 1997

Television block Logo 1995

At the beginning of its existence, the block was little-known and was broadcast for only an hour a day. It targeted boys, while another company channel, Secret Slumber Party, targeted girls.

The first logo of the program is done carelessly, like a sketch. Elements are chaotically scattered across the base and grouped non-standardly. The combination of three bright colors adds saturation to the composition, and the absence of fill-in in some elements creates a sense of incompleteness.

Overall, the logo resembles a child’s drawing, which may have been the original intention.

The basis of the composition is a yellow circle. It indicates the broadcasting point and the button on the remote. It embodies a special enclosed children’s universe, alluding to the unity of the four brothers who organized the studio. This impression is reinforced by the yellow letter B (Brothers), which has become part of the circle.

Behind the “B” is a partially colored exclamation mark. It adds expression to the image, hinting at the dynamics of changing events, a short and fiery animated series.

The letter W, like a lightning bolt, goes beyond the circle, demonstrating the desire to grow and increase airtime. The element indicates the presence of a more voluminous and older companion – the film company.

The love for children is enclosed in the red inscription Kids.

The abbreviation WB stands for Warner Bros., but this abbreviation can also be interpreted as “World Bank.” This is significant because the channel featured the best and world-famous animated films from the studio.

1997 – 2008

Television block Logo 1997

The programs became popular, and their broadcasting time was extended to morning and evening releases, totaling 3 to 4 hours a day. The logo underwent a rebranding, bringing its style closer to Warner Bros. Studios, where commercials for The WB were filmed.

The emblem elements were aligned and grouped. However, the composition still remained bright and colorful: white letters and inscriptions, outlined in yellow, were placed on a purple background with a lilac exclamation mark and surrounded by a bold red line.

The colorful details symbolized the world of childhood. The red color added energy, yellow brought joy, purple hinted at knowledge and development, and white pointed to purity, the young age of the audience, and the absence of harmful content for children.

Although other significant events occurred on the channel since 1997, such as renaming the daytime block to Toonami in 2001 and exchanging shows with Cartoon Network Toonami, or the even more significant merging of The WB with UPN into The CW in 2006, the logo did not change anymore.

The merger of unprofitable channels did not bring profit, and broadcasting was discontinued after two years. The five-hour airtime on Saturdays was sold to 4Kids Entertainment. In the same year, Warner Bros. announced the relocation of the channel and its children’s block to the online space. Kids WB received five sub-blocks: a family block, a section for toddlers, and three blocks broadcasting specific shows only (Scooby-Doo, Looney Tunes, and DC Kids).

2009 – 2015

Kids WB Logo 2009

The channel’s logo becomes more harmonious. It hints at three themes:

  • The overall motif is inspired by the visual identity of the studio owner. The emblem structure resembles the film company’s shield with the first two letters of the name.
  • The left-leaning inscription and the resulting figure’s contours resemble a heart. The image communicates love for children and passion for their work. Channel and website staff live for the cartoons.
  • The image refers to the first program logo with the left-leaning inscription. This demonstrates the continuity of the resource and the continuation of the popular network.

The word Kids is placed above the letter W, indicating the primacy of the children’s world.

2015 – 2016

Kids WB Sites Logo 2015

By 2013, the amount of content had sharply decreased, probably due to low demand, and in 2015, the site split into three separate ones for Scooby and the other two shows. The Kids WB programs disappeared.

All resources had separate websites but belonged to a common group, which was named “Children’s City” on the emblem. The logo was designed as a rectangular plaque with a gradient from sandy to yellow and a blue inscription.

The combination of colors transports the viewer to the happy world of childhood, filled with joy. The gradient shows the “rising degree” of pleasure due to the appearance of three favorite sites instead of one.

2016 – 2019

WB Kids Logo 2016

A year later, Warner Bros. decided that they had made a mistake by closing the well-known brand, so they combined the two children’s cartoon channels into WBKids GO! The new portal received a visual identity close to the film company’s logo, showing the site’s affiliation with it. To emphasize the child-oriented content, the word “kids” was added to the bottom of the Warner Bros. shield with playful, dancing letters. The orange color of the inscription indicated a special community where children were united by their love for cartoons.

2019 – today

WB Kids Logo

The site significantly expanded its collection, including ABC hits “The Flintstones” and “Tom and Jerry” from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

The resource’s logo maintained the focus on Warner Brothers. The image fully corresponds to the film studio’s emblem. It’s a blue shield with the studio’s name abbreviation, where the letters W and B repeat its shape.

The history of choosing the shield, which has been present on all company logos to this day, is not known in detail. The shield partially resembles the coat of arms of the Polish city Krasnosielc, from where the Warner family, who founded the studio, emigrated. This reflects the heraldic element and the careful attitude toward a person’s inner world.

From the perspective of the children’s channel, the shield symbolizes the protection of childhood and the creation of a universe filled with dreams, joy, and adventures.

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Font and Colors

Kids WB Emblem

The main color of the emblem is sky blue, symbolizing childhood, dreams, and happiness. Cartoons transport children to a world of fantasy and allow them to develop their imagination. Blue is often considered a boy’s color, confirming the orientation towards a male audience.

Kids WB Symbol

The white color of the uppercase letters expresses purity, good intentions, and the focus of the program on young viewers.

Kids WB color codes

Cobalt BlueHex color:#0541a8
RGB:5 64 468
CMYK:97 61 0 34
Pantone:PMS 2728 C